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"Became a customer date"

I would like to suggest that this "became a customer date" systems property to be made into an editable property. This is because when we import from another system and we would like to back-date our "because a customer date"instead of making it the import date.

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Yes, agreed... It would be great to be able to change the value of the default property 'Date became a customer' rather than this just defaulting to the date the client was imported into the system. Thanks!


I very much agree. Please add this feature!


If you can't change the field - it's kinda pointless. Making the field 'editable' would be awesome.


Yes!! This would be great when correcting Lifecycle Stage at a later time, without creating noise in the reports. For example, a lead becomes a customer in the previous month. Fixing the Lifecycle Stage today means it's attributed to the wrong month.


We are also struggling with this field. We're new to HubSpot and importing lots and lots of customer records. Without being able to edit the built-in field, we're having to use a custom field for this.

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Plus one for this - we've recently started using HubSpot, and have been trading for 35 years.  I've set up a custom property for now, but this isn't ideal.  I'm importing 2,000 contacts, and it looks like they all became customers this month!!


This "became a customer date" field needs to be editable. The custom field suggestion is no good for me.

As a new user trying to decide if I am going to go all out with Hubspot, running into this lack of flexibility for such and obvious and neccessary feature is dishearenting and makes me reconsider if I should continue getting to grips with Hubspot or skip out to another more flexible CRM before I sink too much time into this.



Please make this field editable. We need to make workflows for our renewals and cannot do so if the became a customer date is the import date.


Agreed. This would be extremely helpful.


Agreed, has this been implemented?


Same as all above. For now, we're using a custom field. Redundantly unnecessary..

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Has there been no response to this?  Or am I looking in the wrong place?


I came here because I was looking to test the Service Hub NPS functionality for a browser-based application that lives on the same top-level as the marketing site.  I found that I was able to add contacts to a list or create specific parameters around targeting the list. So it wasn't necessary to play change any customer date data. 


I am doing a V1 API Contact Create and I am setting four Contact properties (Email, FisrtName, LastName, Phone).  The Create errors out on me with "became a customer date does not exist".  Weird mesage because I am not trying to set that date.  It is my understanding that property is a HubSpot set property and HubSpot sets it automatically.

What am I missing?



We are also managing this with a custom field as it seems many othera are. Now having to refer to two "creation date" fields. One for imported companies/contacts and the other for everything created after the import. Quite silly.


Has there been any progress at all to this request??? We use the become customer date to build out all of our client conversion reports and when we need to import legacy data into HubSpot everything becomes skewed at the date of import because of our inability to adjust this field. I understand the sensitivity to the field but there should be a way to override that from an admin account. 

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HubSpot how is this still not resolved!!! You're amazing at fixing things. I'm shocked to be back in the product after 5 years and this still is a problem. Please please fix!!!

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I agree we are going through a reporting issue where a workflow caused the MQL date to update and skew our visual (and actual) reports. Please make this editable HubSpot!


In fact, make all those "Became a XX date" properties should be made editable, as sometimes contact's / company's lifecycle might be cleared and reverted back by accident (either via workflow or through user's unfortunate actions).


100% agree. Please add this feature to all lifecycle stages hubspot!