"Became a MQL/SQL/Customer" Date company level property

Our sales & marketing reports rely on knowing when a contact became MQL, etc. We would like to build the same reports based on company records rather than contact records. This is important to us, as we are a b2b organization.


In order to do this we would need a version of the "Became a Lead Date" (etc) properties on company record. Currently this data is only populated at the contact record.

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Agreed! Translating the "Became a ___" contact properties into a company record would be very useful for B2B companies in terms of reporting. 

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We're having the same discussion.


Reporting is very important on a MQL / SQL / Customer level but these are tracked by Company and not on a contact level. Date when a company became an MQL / SQL / Customer is required. Not sure how to implement - any suggestions welcome. 

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Hi all - I've figured out a workaround for this.


1.) Create a new Contact level property using Date Picker field type (e.g. "BecameMQL Date")

2.) Create a new Company level propery using Date Picker field type (e.g. "Became Company MQL Date")

3.) Set up a Contact Workflow - Trigger is on when the default "Became a Marketing Qualified Lead" date is Known.

Add an action that then adds a time stamp to the "BecameMQL Date" field.

Add another action to copy the "BecameMQL Date" contact property field to the "Became Company MQL Date" company  field.


After nearly 2 hours of trying different things the above seems to work. 



- you cannot copy the default Became a MQL date to a company field (this is because of time stamp)

- similarly you cannot add a Date Stamp to a date field on a company record. There is no explanation why this is so.. 

- but you can add a Date Stamp to a contact field (date picker) and the copy that to a company field (date picker)..


Bizarre but true.