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"Assigned By" in Task Property

It would be nice to be able to see, specifically in the Task "board" view, who a task was assigned by. Was this a task I created for myself? Did a teammate create it for me? Was it auto-created? Did my boss assign it to me? This would also be helpful from a  management perspective to see if a user is utilizing tasks for themselves, replying on teammates to create them for them, and how auto-created tasks are being completed. 

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Thanks a mill, Shaun

Will check the task history to see how to ascertain who created this task

Onwards & upwards 🙌
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Very much needed! Seems like such a small fix but would be very helpful!


"Assigned By" in Task Property - please make this a thing HS! 


This should already be in the product.


Kinda sad to see this has been sittin' for 4 years...Admin's need the ability to see staff's tasks & break them down between self-assigned & management-assigned...


I was looking for the same info and ended up here. I've noticed something interesting. There's a "Created By" field in Tasks. I've seen this field filled out with a user's name in my client's account for several tasks, but some entries are blank. I'm guessing those blank tasks are being assigned automatically from workflows. It would be really handy to know exactly which workflow is kicking those tasks out.


@JasonWofford Appreciate your reply! Just found the 'Created by' field recently, too & have created a Tasks view tab for my lead advisor to track where folks are on his specific tasks. Very handy.

also, however, as you mentioned, learned that tasks assigned via a workflow aren't showing there. Bummer. Literally Yesterday started noodling on a way, property, form-fill space, something...within the workflow steps which would allow that info to flow in. Zero answers yet but if You think of one, lemme know! 😀🤞