"Assigned By" in Task Property


It would be nice to be able to see, specifically in the Task "board" view, who a task was assigned by. Was this a task I created for myself? Did a teammate create it for me? Was it auto-created? Did my boss assign it to me? This would also be helpful from a  management perspective to see if a user is utilizing tasks for themselves, replying on teammates to create them for them, and how auto-created tasks are being completed. 

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Hi, I would like to highlight a feature currently missing that I believe would be beneficial to add. There is currently no way to filter or list tasks by the person who assigned the task. e.g. 'assigned by'.


This can be problematic if looking for tasks assigned by a specific person and have a large number of tasks assigned to you.




Agreed!! Please add this feature. Very much needed. 


Great idea. Please add.


It is a must have feature; I do not understand why Hubspot din't do it yet. We are clueless who assigned task (unless it is associated with an account or contact.) 


Yeah, very surprising that this isn't already part of the Task feature. Also seems like it would be a fairly quick win to resolve to just add that property. 


This would be a VERY helpful feature. If I have a question about a task I've been assigned, I have to reach out to my team to find out who assigned it - this wastes time and energy. I am also surprised it is not already a part of the system. 


I have to agree. It's very frustrating. I can't believe that Hubspot has not even responded. 

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We've had a few clients ask for this, would like to see it happen as well.