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"Append" is only available when setting a multi-checkbox – make it available when copying too

When creating a workflow that invloves multi-checkboxes, the native HubSpot append functionality isn't available when you use the "Copy contact property value" button – only when you click the similar "Set contact property value" button. (In other words, if you use the Copy button, your workflow never presents an option to append – it's overwrite or bust.)



Highly technical diagram depicting which buttons utilize the append functionalityHighly technical diagram depicting which buttons utilize the append functionality


Why would you need to copy without overwriting?


Let's say you have a contact property that tracks which products a contact is interested in. With this change, you could easily aggregate info from multiple contact properties into a single company property. So for example, if you know that one employee at a company is interested in products A and B while another employee is interested in products C and D, you can build a workflow to copy all employees' interests to the corresponding company property. The result is that you can see all four products that anyone at the company has shown interest in. Then when your sales team walks in the door to speak with the guy who likes A & B, they won't be caught flat-footed when they suddenly need sales collateral on C & D.


I also think this would be a fairly low-overhead project for the HubSpot dev team. Granted, I'm not a developer, but I'd think the hardest part's already done since the append logic already exists, so I'm thinking/hoping/crossing my fingers that it would be a relatively small-ish project to clone the feature from one button to the other.

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 This would be excellent functionality to have, and if it can be done on the SET level, I don't see why it shouldn't also be possible on the COPY level too.

While there are some scenarios where using the list/workflow criteria of 'has ever been equal to/contained' can be used as a workaround, there are just as many where it cannot, such as when the data is needed for personalisation tokens.


Would love for this functionality... Getting ready to build out some if/then branches in the meantime!

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This would be a great feature. Now we have to create the append functionality on our server through the API. The amount of the options is too large for a feasible workflow implementation.



We have 70 options in a field, which means 70 workflows in order to append!... that just doesn't make sense. I wouldn't mind this as much if we didn't have a limit of how many workflows we can create. 😕 

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I think this would be a great addition!

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This feature is now available! Smiley muito feliz


@johnmartin Hooray, my first idea that's actually been added! I am going to annoy A LOT of people bragging about this extremely minor accomplishment.

Equipe de Produto da HubSpot

@rstevens An accomplishment nevertheless. Thanks for the suggestion!