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Add a calendar feature to forms, or allow an icalendar file to upload, so people can add an event their Outlook calendar after they have registered via the form.

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Yes please!! 


We don't and can't use meeting function for our events but would like a way to do this still Smiley Happy 

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 Hi @Shay


Is there any indication that this type of add to calendar functionality will be integrated into the HubSpot forms?


Thank you! 

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Hi @eden09! Not at the moment I'm afraid, but we're always on the lookout for feedback, if you had any examples of other places you've seen this functionality or ways it could help with your campaigns please do share. 

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Hi @Shay!


Constant Contact event registration thank you pages have the functionality. I'm not sure what Cisco uses, but their webinar registration pages have it as well.  This is the type of functionlaity I am referring to: https://www.addevent.com/add-to-calendar-button


Where the "add to calendar" has an event for all calendar types Smiley Happy 



HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Bill, thanks for your feedback @eden09, these are really helpful examples to work from. We'll add this to our roadmap and see what we can do. No ETA yet but as we have more information we'll keep you all posted.

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Hi there! 

This is definitely a feature our company would be interested in as well. We love the new HubSpot integration with Go To Webinar. In GTW, the follow-up email gives registrants the ability to "Add to Cal" when they sign up. Since HubSpot follow-up emails are much prettier and more trackable, we'd prefer to use HubSpot but definitely feel the need for an Add to Cal feature or we fear registrants will forget!

Brenna Needham

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YES PLEASE - totally need this. Great to see it on the lead flow forms but please please add to standard forms too.

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Regular Contributor | Diamond Partner

Yes, this is definitely needed. I would love to not have to hack this into existence using https://www.addevent.com/. Eventbrite has this functionality. This is seems like it would work for now: https://add.eventable.com/free-add-to-calendar-button .  


I am using the latest hubspot HUG templates and want to generate an add to calendar link based on next event module and the events template.

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Agreed. This would be very helpful functionality. Right now this process is clunky.  Ensuring we have an easy, fast way to create and manage these calendar links for Hubspot landing pages and emails should be included in the platform. It seems to be a big missing piece in the offering.  As a long-time Hubspot user, I know these types of capabilities roll out over time and appreciate the complexities involved - but this is a functionality that seems essential for helping to make sure individuals show up to events, meetings, webcasts, etc. I hope to hear this is coming soon.

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I'll need this as well! For both Outlook and Gmail. 
Anything new on the status for this request?