*@provider.com as "Do not track and log" filter in Outlook plug-in

As of now, the Hubspot Outlook plug-in only allows to exclude individual email addresses from tracking and logging. This makes it near impossible to exclude all internal emails from the system. Since Hubspot does not allow you to delete tracking data, at least the subject of internal mails stays within the contact if someone forgot to disable the plug-in for a quick reply within the company.


In the Hubspot settings it is possible to deactivate logging for all email addresses with a common * filter (exclude *@example.com will exclude all emails to any address that ends on @example.com). This kind of functionality would make the Outlook plug-in much more usable, since internal mails could be excluded by default.

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HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
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You can add domains to the Never Log list, in addition to adding individual emails. More information on this can be found here in this knowledge base article.