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proposed meeting times in an email function

This new function is great - but it misses the basics available with the regular meeting booker.

1.  the owner needs to  get a notification that a meeting has been booked

2, add reminders that a meeting has been booked need to be send to the other party


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Agreed. Meeting are booked without the user knowing! 


This is a cool & powerful new feature...if the basics worked. My Sales Team discovered this new feature and then asked me why it didn't provide a notice when a meeting was booked.


I don't see anything in the Knowledge Article that states you won't receive a meeting notification:


I reached out to HubSpot Support and there is a Workflow workaround. It isn't ideal but would be the only way I see right now to let user run with this new "insert proposed meeting times" feature:


NOTE: From this workflow, you can use separate OR criteria for each user within the enrollment triggers and create a separate If/Then branch to send separate emails to each user accordingly.


What i miss is that in my calender i do not see which time slots i have already send to kontakts. It happens that if i send same time slot to two contacts that they overlapp


A good workaround is to use IFTTT and create a trigger so that every time a calendar event is created to whichever calendar you choose, it sends you an email from yourself with the title you created in the proposed time menu.


I was very excited to see the proposed times feature but in the current state, it's just not usable. Without getting a notification of a completed it makes no sense to use this feature at all as the risk of missing bookings is just too big. 

It really looks like the feature is not ready yet. HubSpot please add notification as soon as possible it would make our life so much easier.



haha why would they not put a notification?!? Just got off of HubSpot chat and they said no ETA.



It would also be nice to default how long the meeting time is and if it is a phone call or meeting. I would guess that 80% of users using this are looking to book a calendar or zoom meeting. 




HUBSPOT HELP US get notifications added to this. 


Booked meetings from proposed times works seamlessly and is a great experience for the invitees but there definitely needs to be an "Accepted" email notification when a time is selected. It just happened to me when a meeting popped up at the appointed time without me knowing!

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I'm really excited about this feature but have not been able to get it to work with my business Gmail account. 

However, I believe that this should tie into existing meeting links so that you can receive notifications when you get booked and/or that a meeting is about to begin. 


When is this happening? Really need this functionality!

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This feature is working for me, but the lack of notifying me that I've been booked and the lack of reminder(s) to the person who booked the meeting leaves this feature a bit lackluster.
I love the idea of it, but don't use it often for fear of missing a meeting or double booking like @CFieg mentions above.

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Do these meeting invites actually also attach a zoom link to the invite?  When someone picks a time in Proposed times, no meeting link is automatically attached like they do with the regular calendar booking link 


We are using other tools at the moment to be able to do this. And this is actually quite important to make it useable


It is very strange that when someone confirms a meeting in Google Calendar, there is no notification in Gmail that a meeting was indeed booked (although it does add to the calendar).

It's like this feature is incomplete which is not ideal at all - the sales team can miss or be unprepared if meetings are missed because of this. 


To describe this problem better:

"HubSpot is unable to trigger a Google Calendar acceptance notification when a user accepts a proposed time using the HubSpot chrome extension. This appears to be a unique situation in which the recipient of the invite is both booking a meeting and accepting a meeting in the same step. This appears not to trigger the same acceptance notice that you would otherwise receive."


It's extremely important to have this feature working, else it feels like an "incomplete feature" which is quite sad.


Perhaps this is a viable alternative workaround? 

It is similar to the one proposed by @Doug_Kramer , but simpler


google meeting chrome extension workaroundgoogle meeting chrome extension workaround


Is there an update on when this will be fixed?
One of our users just reached out to me to ask, and I'd like to be able to give him some good news.


If I propose times from an email on a ticket, and the customer chooses a time therefore booking a meeting. Shouldn't it log a meeting on the ticked when a meeting is booked?


It looks like the original topic of this thread has been resolved, and my team is having a different issue related to associativity between meetings booked with the proposed time function sent from a ticket. The resulting meeting is correctly associated to the contact, and our user is notified; however, our user was looking for the meeting within the ticket from which the original email was sent. We will review with support and follow up in another thread if needed.


Support rep found these two related links helpful for anyone following along:
Community post: Automatic association of meetings to tickets

Idea: Allow Meeting Links sent from Tickets to auto-associate resultant Meetings with the Ticket