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I just sent this to the Hubspot Dev forum.

"Goal - I want to make my salesmen more efficient by initializing specific property values to common "default" values somy salesmen do not have to enter them manually.

Scenario - Salesman gets a phone call from a brand new prospect & manually brings up HS screen to create Contact or Deal record to type in data.  Approximately 50 properties get the same value 95% of the time, but apparently there is currently no way to initialize these fields. Therefore the salesman must manually initialize them - which is inefficient (to say the least).

Attempted solutions: 
1) Workflows - Apparently workflows cannot be triggerred until the new record gets saved. That is too late. 
2) Forms - That does not fit our scenario.
3) Creating a Chrome Plug-in. That is what this ticket is about.
4) Switching to another CRM that can do this basic function - We are investigating that now.

Problem - I've written javascript that searches the DOM and locates the record's fields that need defaults. It then inserts the default proper value into the DOM. I can actually see the correct value being displayed. But when I manually click "Save" the default values that I have assigned are not saved. There must be some sort of ajax or other background interaction that I am not addressing.

What do I need to do to make this work?

I realize that this is a brittle and sub-optimal solution. But multiple calls and chats w/ tech support and reading the online docs have not revealed any viable alternative. If you have such an alternative I would love to hear about it.

I would be happy to share my javascript jQuery code snippet with you. It's pretty simple."

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KSM - Thank you so much for your detailed reply.  Would you mind sharing the javascript with me? I will send you a direct message. Thanks again!