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pre-set property default value

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I just sent this to the Hubspot Dev forum.

"Goal - I want to make my salesmen more efficient by initializing specific property values to common "default" values somy salesmen do not have to enter them manually.

Scenario - Salesman gets a phone call from a brand new prospect & manually brings up HS screen to create Contact or Deal record to type in data.  Approximately 50 properties get the same value 95% of the time, but apparently there is currently no way to initialize these fields. Therefore the salesman must manually initialize them - which is inefficient (to say the least).

Attempted solutions: 
1) Workflows - Apparently workflows cannot be triggerred until the new record gets saved. That is too late. 
2) Forms - That does not fit our scenario.
3) Creating a Chrome Plug-in. That is what this ticket is about.
4) Switching to another CRM that can do this basic function - We are investigating that now.

Problem - I've written javascript that searches the DOM and locates the record's fields that need defaults. It then inserts the default proper value into the DOM. I can actually see the correct value being displayed. But when I manually click "Save" the default values that I have assigned are not saved. There must be some sort of ajax or other background interaction that I am not addressing.

What do I need to do to make this work?

I realize that this is a brittle and sub-optimal solution. But multiple calls and chats w/ tech support and reading the online docs have not revealed any viable alternative. If you have such an alternative I would love to hear about it.

I would be happy to share my javascript jQuery code snippet with you. It's pretty simple."


KSM - Thank you so much for your detailed reply.  Would you mind sharing the javascript with me? I will send you a direct message. Thanks again!


Hi @KSM, do you have a link for the post on the developer forum so I can like/upvote it please?


Jonathan - 

Is this what you are looking for:

I've advance quite far beyond that particular solution. I'd be happy to share my solutions by phone or email. If you want to talk please let me know.


This would save incredible time!! Definitely, a feature to put up there for the next update


Not sure if this is the correct thread to share an idea about default values when creating forms. 

Goal: When a customer submits a ticket, they must select a category (For example, General Inquiry, Billing, Product, Feature Request), and we would like for the 'default value' of the ticket title to be: [Category]: 

something like a personalization token that you often find in template building 

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I have a few clients where it would make a big difference to being able to set a default value for a custom property.


And - in a best case scenario - where we could even specify if a particular default value by HubSpot user.


It would be perfect if we could set values without workflows before creating a contact. However, in most cases, workflows trigger based on values from contact properties but not the opposite way as Hubspot support recommends.


And 90% of fields when sales rep creates contacts are default dropdowns fields with the same values for all contacts.


We have a use case for this as well. We have a custom, dropdown select, deal property called "Payment Terms" that we have values for Net 30, Net 60, and Net 90. When creating a deal, we'd like it to default to "Net 30" and then get changed manually, if needed.


In case it helps:

Attached is the beginning of a workflow for initializing Contact properties:


Here are snippets from a workflow for setting Deal defaults, when they are created from a Contact page. I created a Contact drop-down called "Start Action". Different selections on that drop down initiate different workflows.




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Workflows do not work as they only happen once the record is created.   I need to be able to default fields while the deal record is being created.  I don't see that this issue has been addressed yet, please advise if there is a fix for this issue.  

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Posting this on behalf of a customer,


Would be great if a default value can be set on deal properties such as 'subsidiary' or 'currency' so that customer does not need to select from the 'drop-down' list which is time-consuming. Thank you.


iiaw - This might help - a workflow triggered by setting the custom property "Start Action" to a specific value. It executes a "Create Record" which initializes Deal fields.







Bumping this up. SO much workflow bloat for us due to this missing feature.


This is a basic feature that would save us a lot of time.  Can I ask for this to be considered for future development?


Great idea and seems like a no-brainer. Having to build a workflow just to set a default seems so unnecessary when a simple default option would solve this. 


Hubspot Support response: 

It is not currently possible to set a default value for properties within your account, as we don't have the ability to force a property to always have a value. However, you can set a default value for a property in forms by checking the "Pre Select" box next to an option in the form editor. 


This is a very weak response, indeed! I read it as "we just tried to solve a simple problem in an intractable way, so we're just going to give up and not think this through". 

How about this: in the Properties settings, allow us (in and for our account) to specify a default value / selection that will appear when the property field is instantiated in a blank form (any form, either custom designed, or pre-canned by HubSpot). 

It is entirely unacceptable that the default deal stage is set and the default deal owner is set, but "not currently possible" to set any other property - you are just pulling a value from somewhere, nothing more complicated than that.


Yet another huge gaping hole in the Hubspot CRM. I have to be honest, every time I am trying to solve something relatively simple in Hubspot, I run into a brick wall. It has forced our company to look @ hubspot as a point of entry and then port a ton of data into Airtable and manage the business there. Eventually, we will be moving to Salesforce as Hubspot simply can't do anything more that super basic functions from a CRM perspective. There is a ton of waste, mediocre and awkward work arounds, and endless limitations. 


Agreed, this is another needed and missing piece of basic functionality.


Could this be higher on the prio list? It sounds like a very basic feature.