organize campaigns in folders


There are folders to organize lists, but no folders to organize campaigns.

I am just getting started with hubspot, but already see this as becoming a problem once we have hundreds of campaigns running side-by-side. Also, with multiple users, this would help team members navigate and understand the campaign hierarchy.


Also we want to group campaigns per business units, so this would be greatly helping.


Hubspot team, this is the kind of simple  things that add instant value to the usability of the platform, please consider it 😉



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Yes - please make this happen!


Too many campaigns without folders make a mess! This would help a ton with organization!


Also, add the ability to PIN or STAR "Lists" and/or "Campaigns"!


I agree. It is becoming more difficult as we add more campaigns. We need folders for campaigns just like we have for lists.

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Same here! would be great to organize campaigns in folders.


Same! I live with asset folders, would be great to be able to group campaigns by folder.


I can't belive this isn't an option. Such a simple one to implement too. My OCD is going crazy not being able to organize and clean our instance!