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organise/arrange contacts on company record

I'd love to be able to arrange contacts on a company record in order of importance or relevance to the record. Sometimes we have more than 5-10 contacts associated with a company and it would be ideal to arrange them so that the top contacts relevant to the company were shown on the company view without having to click through.

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We definitely need this functionality too!


It would be great if it were a setting and you could use apply filters and sort by contact properties, and have this as a default view whenever you go to a company page.


This would be very helpful since some companies have 20+ contacts, etc.

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Hi @BradCarter , 


I appreciate this doesn't give you the exact solution you are looking for. But we also really wanted to see the contacts in an order that made sense to us from the company profile. So back in 2017 we created an internal solution for ourselves, which worked from inside HubSpot, so that we could map out our key Stakeholders, understand the reporting structure, highlight their personas etc. 


It's now a much more advanced solution which is in the HubSpot App marketplace under OrgChartHub. We have a free plan so feel free to check it out, if you haven't already. I hope this helps you.


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Dan Currin,  

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Hi everyone, I'm a member of the HubSpot product team. Thanks for filing this issue @BradCarter, it was an interesting one to stumble upon. I'm doing research on this exact problem right now and I'm looking for some help from you all. 

What do you consider to be "important or relevance" when it comes to this type of sorting? What attributes or data points tell you that one record is more important than another associated? 

Feel free to add your examples or use cases as comments, as this is a problem we're currently keen on solving on the CRM record pages. 


This would absoloutely gamechanging for us. Companies with 20+ contacts would be far easier to manage with this!!! 


To answer Dylan's question, I think alphabetical would be a no-brainer, job title would also be helpful, or honestly just manual reordering if that's possible. 




I appreciate these suggestion as it will help me greatly also.  When in a Company record, I am only seeing 5 contacts listed when it shows I have a total of 11 contacts.  I was curious if there is an estimated time when this feature enhancement will be provided?


Please share your thoughts when you get a chance.


Thank you! 


Yes, this is a must ! Simple trick would be to leave the last 5 contacts with the last activities, in the preview, to avoid clicking through and changing page just to find the contact we are looking for.


I agree, we also would like to view all contacts from within the COMPANY. thanks

HubSpot Product Team

Hello HubSpot Community,

Thank you as always for your continued feedback, it helps us build a great product. We've investigated and researched this request and at the time this is not something we're prioritizing to build into HubSpot. 

As always, we're constantly evaluating and re-evaluating our priorities to deliver as much value as possible. So, I could certainly see a day in the future where we address something like this, but we do not have a timeline on when that may be. Keep the use cases and ideas coming though and we will update this post as we make progress!


- Dylan



This is quite disappointing to hear since it's relatively simple, and the lack of this functionality woefully over complicates the use of HubSpot. If there are more than 5 Contacts, the one I need is NEVER on the list.


On another note, when the 'Search' field was moved from the right of the screen to the left, the focus in no longer in that field, which again, woefully over complicates the use of HubSpot.


Unnecessary clicks waste thousands of dollars in annual productivity. Same when having to switch back and forth from a keyboard to a mouse when certain fields aren't recognized by keystrokes. 



We are working with companies that have attached 50+ contacts because we are syncing the data with our SAAS-system. 
Each company usually have a contact person, and this user should be on top of the list. Now our sales rep and customer service need to go between systems and search and scroll a lot in order to get right person to contact. 


For us it would be best if contact person on top = custom property. Then we can make a "contact person" property on the contact and that  conatct will be on top of the list. 


This would be a fantastic addition. Upvote.


Being able to arrange the contacts in order of importance would be hugely helpful to me and my team especially with companies that have 10+ contacts in them.  Right now, to find the 3-4 contacts that I want to reach out to in a company, I have to read through a whole list of titles that are in a random order.  It takes time and is hard on the eyes after a whole day of doing this.  If I could toggle the contacts and put the top people that I am currently reaching out at the top of the list (and the top 5 would translate over to the main page) it would make my life SO much easier.  It would also be hugely helpful to all of the new people that come on board as they would not be so confused as to who they should reach out to in a large account.  


Then if you want to make my life really easy - make this page that lists all of the contacts in order also a summary page of the current account activity for each person in the account.  I would love to be able to look at this list of contacts and summarize in 3 seconds how many emails I have recently sent a person, how many voicemails, and how many live conversations and get a sense of their past interest and their current deal status.  Right now I have to keep all of this info in a spreadsheet outside of Hubspot.  We are trying to move away from using spreadsheets but there is nothing that I am aware of within Hubspot that lets you sum up an account quickly and going into each contact record individually to figure out what is going on takes a lot of time.


It would be great to simply alphabetize them!!


Would also upvote this! This would be a great function to have.


This feature would be great! It would be nice to organize contacts for easier viewing, reference points and having most important contacts on top. 


Is there beta testing on this? If so, please sign me up!


Same issue. It is a no brainer and simple modification on your end to do. Just have the possibility to mark 2-5 contacts as favorites with a  or contacts with the latest activity on the account ! 


Please Hubspot! It's been 2 years since this request and makes complete sense and improves user experience 🙏

They don't care.

Even worse, when they moved the Company search from the right to the
left side of the screen, the focus was no longer in that field, so now
you have to click into it. Every. Single. Time.