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optional CTA tracking function

Our website is built with buttons that are setup as CTAs - this is great for uniform styling and ease of updating, but it causes an issue with google recognizing internal links and has also caused errors for both AMP and regular pages within google search console.


Even hubspot does not recognize a CTA as an internal link.


The data for views, clicks, etc. is very helpful, but the tracking string appended to each URL doesn't seem necessary for this application (even if the corresponding view/click data is lost).


For example, if using the CTA as a button to help guide someone through the website, one could use HotJar or similar tool to understand user experience, but there is no easy way to create these buttons within the template that would not require the team member to know HTML/CSS in order to make updates.


Another use case we have is with emails - we use SMART CTAs to determine which version of a file should be sent to what type of partner (in our case realtors by area receive different listing information). The email will tell us who clicked so the CTA aspect is redundant, but without it, setting up a SMART file link in the email itself would be near impossible. It also causes issues when getting the email in plain text or forwarding, the CTA extension very often breaks the link for one reason or another.


I propose having a check box that would allow you to toggle "tracking" or "trackable link" so that you could decide whether you wanted to have the tracking or not.

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