new list tool no longer includes description field

The new list tool no longer has the description field available to use for a list. Below is an image showing where that was located. We used this field to document what we did with the list. Normally this was for static lists that we imported from offline events like training or conferences. We enroll lists into workflows to update custom properties which some include adding incremental values to the property. Obviously when using this method for tracking activity you would not want a list to be enrolled in that workflow more than one time.


There are a number of other workflows and offline uses of a list that we documented in this description field. We didn't really use it to describe the list but rather to document what activities took place.


I haven't been a fan of the new list tool and this issue really makes it hard to shift that feeling. Why take something away that some users were using. I cannot go into a historical list and see what activity we documented without switching back to the old view. And who knows how long Hubspot will allow that switching back and forth.


This is very frustrating to have a utilized feature just be taken away. BRING BACK THE DESCRIPTION FIELD!!





Below is old list version with description field.png

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The Description field was a convenient place to record updates to the logic of the List over time. Not sure where we are going to record that information now.


Thanks for posting this.



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Couldn't agree with you more! I'm also not a fan of the new list tool and this is one of the major reasons. Our team utilizes complex logic in multiple lists/workflows. We're also global, spanning all the time zones - I can't always afford to wait for a colleague to wake up and tell me how she/he was using a list or where it came from. 


We also used it to store information like changes to the logic over time, when it was last audited, etc.