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move emails in bulk from one inbox to another

Hi team, posting on behalf of my customer here. 


They are looking for a way to move emails in bulk from one inbox to another, as and when needed. 


At the moment, we are only able to do so one email at a time, hence it can be quite time consuming if we are looking to move a large number of emails. 


Thanks team!

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+1 for this feature.   The ability to select more than more email and move them all  into another mailbox would  be very useful.

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+1 on this! Looking to merge a couple of inboxes and ideally want the history of those conversations brought into the one inbox.


Please implement this HubSpot! This would really help us out.



Yes please add this!  Moving thousands of conversations one at a time is too time consuming.  


Also agree to this, and with the new helpdesk feature we need to move all ours across. Our email is only connected via the email forwarding settings (it's a group email so we can't connect it as a 'channel' since it's not an email address we can sign into gmail with), so being able to bulk move inboxes is a necessity.