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more ways to resubscribe contatcs

hi team posting on behalf of my customer: 


It would be great to offer different ways to help get customers to resubscribe to marketing emails. Some customers may not be as tech savy or they would prefer us to help them re-subscribe to marketing emails through written communication. Being able to resubscribe the contacts who do provide written consent to resubscribe will be easier as opposed to getting them to locate and old marketing email or submit a new form with resubscription enabled.


thank you!!

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I don't know if it helps your customer's case, but Inability to use Subscription API to resubscribe might be another idea if they (you?) can use HubSpot's Subscription API.


@mschnitt @JWarshawsky is there any update on this feature? We had spoken last year I believe and there was something in the works but I haven't heard anything recently.


As we discussed at the time, the number of our subscribers who write in to resubscribe who are then able to complete the insanely long and complicated resubscription process is <5%. It is like Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.


A simple resubscribe button within the contact record which then sends them a notification email would resolve this. It is a standard feature on most other Marketing Automation products such as Marketo, Pardot, Silverpop, etc. We want this for Hubspot so it can advance forward in its quest for excellence!