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I send certain emails every month to the same group of people. I would love to have the ability within the workflows to be able to send emails every month instead of just annually.

The example that I have is when I sent a request for newsletter information in order to customize their monthly email newsletter that is sent to their patients.

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I just can't believe this is a CRM/email marketing software without this function. Being able to set and forget mundane emails is very helpful.

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@madibrown1 adding this feature would probably help HS attract customers that were on the fence because they are currently having to rely on Constant Contact, MailChimp, etc.


I've done some research, and there are a couple of work-arounds for this limitation, depending on what you're trying to do.


1. Simple: Set a calendar reminder (Outlook, Gmail, HS Projects) to send manually. OK for infrequent emails. Not ideal for anything more frequent than once a week. Also, this method is depending on a person being around each week- vacations or job changes could interrupt the process.

2. Complex: You can sometimes create a workflow that has enrollment criteria that create a logical loop. This still isn't ideal, and adds complexity/greater chance of error. However, you could have something like this, in theory:


Enrollment Criteria:
1. Anyone who has received a previous email. This could also be "those who have not received"  depending on who you're trying to target.


1. Email sent to recipient.
2. Delay (1 week, 1 month, etc).
3. Individual reenrolled.

I haven't tested this in a production environment, so I can't guarantee that the cycle will repeat without some recipients potentially receiving emails too frequently. I think it should work OK based on my testing of a similar scenario recently. 

Can anyone from HS or another experienced user confirm that the above would work as a temporary work-around?
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We could use this too. A recurring satisfaction survey email that happens every 90 days.

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The ability to send recurring emails would be really beneficial to a lot of users, and it will take away the pain of having to manually clone out the emails and send them out every couple of weeks. Recurring emails like the blog subscription emails would make a lot of sense -- especially the ability to select the frequency of this recurrence. E.g. Daily, Weekly,  Biweekly, Monthly, etc. 

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I see in the 'Property Date Based Workflows' that it can recur annualy for birthdays and things which is great, but it would be really helpful if the feature could extend to weekly and montly. We have a monthly process that would save our team a lot of time if we could automate it!


Thanks so much 🙂


I fully endorse recurring emails should be a feature of Hubspot. Please!

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Yes! It would also be awesome if we were able to send something the first/second/etc. Monday/Tuesday/etc. of the month. This would make my life so much easier.

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So surprised we don't have this functionality in HubSpot!! We have a weekly webinar and we'd like to send reminders each week to those registered.  

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@khughes are these webinar notifications essentially one-off, or is it normal for people to attend multiple or all in a series? If recurrence isn't really the norm, I would stick with a standard workflow, and put the next week's attendees as members of a dynamic "weekly attendees" list that the workflow can call. Membership criteria could allow you to add additional granularity if you need it.


I haven't tried this process myself yet, but it should work OK in theory.

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I made a workflow like this which Hubspot support has confirmed will work.


1. Enrollment trigger based on static list: ie. customer survey list
2. Send out automatic email
3. Remove from static list: customer survey list

4. Delay X days
5. Add to static list: customer survey list


Enable reenrollment based on list membership.


Make sure the workflow does not remove the contact from the workflow when it no longer meets enrollment critieria.



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Yes, setting up a weekly, daily or monthly option would help avoid having to set up special workflows to workaround the limitation currently of only annually.  I upvote this feature suggestion.

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I need daily automatic emails. Please build this!

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I would definitely use this feature. I need to send an email on every month first day and forr now, there is no possibility to do it automatically from Hubspot.

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I would also need this feature to be able to send recurring emails weekly, monthly or other. Right now there are workflow workarounds, but they feel more complex and risky.

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Definitely agree with all the comments in this thread, we too have several customers who would benefit from recurring emails. Currently we have some work arounds but they come with their limitations and the ability to pick weekly/monthly or as mentioned above specific days of a month (ie the second Tuesday of each month) would be incredibly helpful!

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Raising my hand here. Would definitely be helpful for reward/referral nudges. 

updated to: Not Currently Planned
HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Hi Community


Thank you for your ideas and votes here, we are hoping to review this issue in the future, but this is not planned for development in the next quarter. For transparency and clarity, I am updating this issue to 'Not currently planned' for the time being. I will update here once we have more to share.




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The functionality already exists in the Service Hub with the NPS email. If y'all would just allow editing of the question and the information in there we could set that to recur. Please? 🙂

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We have a workflow where we want to send a thank you email out to clients on the first day of everymonth with a summary of their previous months performance.


At the moment we have to set it up to be based on a certain date and then make every action x days after enrollment which is very manual and confusing. having the ability to select an action that was 'on the x day of each month' would make it a lot clearer.