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monthly recurring emails

I send certain emails every month to the same group of people. I would love to have the ability within the workflows to be able to send emails every month instead of just annually.

The example that I have is when I sent a request for newsletter information in order to customize their monthly email newsletter that is sent to their patients.

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January 14, 2022 07:29 AM

Hi Everyone, Apologies for this feature not being planned right now. We will review as a team and I will update this post when I have more information to share on timing or next steps.

Thank you for your ideas and feedback! I will post here again in the coming weeks with an update.





May 12, 2020 09:03 AM

Hi Community


Thank you for your ideas and votes here, we are hoping to review this issue in the future, but this is not planned for development in the next quarter. For transparency and clarity, I am updating this issue to 'Not currently planned' for the time being. I will update here once we have more to share.




Not Currently Planned
May 12, 2020 09:01 AM

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We need to have the ability to drip the same email every x months, and this is not done efficiently at all in Hubspot workflows. We see only the "Recur annually" option for date-centered workflow types, and Hubspot does not permit looping workflows into one another, even with a 90 day delay.


Currently, if we want to send the same email quarterly for up to two years, we must program 16 steps in a workflow. Not elegant. 


Either workflows should be allowed to loop with sufficient protection in place, or we should have an option to repeat an action at regular intervals. 


We devised a method to send emails, or to perform any other action, on a recurring basis, forever if desired, on any interval of at least one day's duration.


Assume we have a date picker field named "DripDate."



  • New Workflow
    • Standard type, manual enrollment
    • Name the workflow "Reset Drip Date"
    • Add step Delay 5 minutes
    • Add step: Set contact propery DripDate to value "Date of Step," so the workflow displays "Set a date stamp DripDate"
    • Save the workflow and make it active
  • New Workflow
    • Property based
    • Automatic enrollment
    • Name Workflow "Monthly email"
    • Let the workflow trigger be "Contact Property DripDate is Known" and set re-enrollment as:
      • Contacts who meet the criteria above will be reenrolled based on "DripDate is Known"
    • This workflow is centered on DripDate
    • Add delay = 30 days and choose a time of day to execute, so workflow displays "Perform the next action 30 days after DripDate at 9 AM"
    • Add step to send the desired email
    • Add step to enroll the contact in workflow "Reset Drip Date"
    • Save the workflow and make it active

You can test that this works by setting the delay interval to one day instead of 30, and you will receive a test email every day at 9 AM. Set the delay to 30 days and the workflow will email a contact monthly. 



It may be possible to do this in a single workflow. We have not tested that yet. The approach would be to delete the last step (enroll contact in workflow "Reset Drip Date") of workflow "Monthly email" and append the steps of workflow "Reset Drip Date" to the end of it.

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One of my customers needs monthly workflows to create deals at a certain time of the month - I second this suggestion.


 What you can do is add a category of leads to a list and create a workflow just for them.


The workflow would use the delay function.

Here's how it would look.

  1. Enroll all clients in LIST XYZ
  2. Send email #1
  3. Delay 30 days
  4. Send email #2
  5. Delay 30 days
  6. Send email #3

This would be the simplest workaround as of now. Plus, I second the function of sending emails based on certain time of the month.

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A client of mine needs this too. 


This would also be useful to schedule reminders for weekly events like webinars.


Additionally...I'd like to see WEEKLY emails that we can trigger from "Lists".


We have franchisees that would like some unique data on a weekly basis.  These "one-off" reports (I'm using "lists") would be great to be able to be automatically emailed to the franchisee on a weekly basis.


right now, the only work around is to create a new dashboard, schedule the email to go out weekly to a specific user and in the "Message" for the notification...type in the URL to the list.  a complete workaround.


This should be basic functionaly that exists across the entire platform....even if it's from "contacts" or from "Deals" or from "Tasks" or anywhere.



Jeff Hensiek

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I don't see any evolution on this suggestion, so I'm bumping it hoping that someone will see it.


^What lexi said. I need this as well.


Us too!

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Raising my hand for this as well!


Adding another upvote. We wanted to use Hubspot to send daily recurring emails to customers - in the beginning it's a simple reminder email, eventually may be a report. But since it isn't looking possible right now, looking into using Mailchimp. I'd rather keep it in one system. 


Another upvote here. I think there is no improvement about this idea. 


We need to send monthly interaction report, payment history report etc. to group of people. It is maybe possible with JZ's method. However, it must be an easier way of it.


We LOVE to send monthly emails for reports, payment reminders and more! But we are making complicated workflows (and sometimes simply using other email platforms... shh)


Us too! Bimonthly emails to a particular list would be great! 


Agree, this would be very useful.  Pretty crazy it doesn't already exist.


Would like to see this feature as well. I would use on a weekly occurrence. 


Nous voudrions aussi envoyer des emails à des dates bien précises (tous les 1ers du mois, 15 du mois, etc...). Il serait intéressant d'ajouter cette fonctionnalité.


Upvote! Super basic automation feature but yet so important! We need to send monthly feedback email to certain group of people. Now you have to manually send that email every month. 


There are other related threads to this (daily, weekly, monthly)... would be good to consolidate and surface that this is a very in demand feature request.