monthly recurring emails


I send certain emails every month to the same group of people. I would love to have the ability within the workflows to be able to send emails every month instead of just annually.

The example that I have is when I sent a request for newsletter information in order to customize their monthly email newsletter that is sent to their patients.

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Hi there, just want to add an upvote to this -- probably a weekly and monthly recurring workflow would help most of our customers :)!

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Agreed, this is actually a must have for quite a few of my clients.


A use case: 

A weekly email that goes out at the same time, to the same list of people every week. Very similar idea to a blog subscription email, but without the RSS feed. This would be to deliver a static message (which we could of course update with new offers etc. as needed alongside the core information) but with the crucial element of having individual analytics for each email, rather than the amalgamated data I would end up with my sending this using workflows.


Amalgamated data isn't useful for anyone!

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I think this should have been a feature from the start. We could really do with the ability to trigger monthly workflows on the same day each month. E.G Create a workflow that removes contacts from a list on the last day of the month. This would really help us with our reporting.

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We want it too! Such a simple thing! Please give us the option to schedule monthly mails!


I like JZ's idea but I'm struggling to get something to go out on the exact same date each month - so adding 30 days on to a date over a year moves that date as not every month has 30 days as we know - has anyone else had any thoughts on this or do I need to build multiple options with different days to allow for this? Any help appreciated and please HubSpot add in this functionality.


This is critical for us. We've used Marketo for the last decade, and we have dozens of daily digest emails sent internally with reports, lists, and lead activity. It's shocking that this can't be done in HubSpot.


I agree. Would really like this. 


Still frustrating this doesnt exist. 










Hubspot, work your magic and add this feature please! I have a use case where we want to send a reengagement email to those on the unengaged list every 6 months to keep our list clean. Adding multiple email/delay chains isn't the end of the world, but it's definately not elegant, and would be one more thing for some future admin to have to check up on manually.


+1 (million!)


Every other major platform can do this. We just recommend people use (cheap and has feature) for the use case... trying to do with workflows is way to complicated and buggy. 


I can't upvote this one enough, all the other CRM's have the capability to setup reminders for meetings. This should already have happened by now! 


Yes, we could definitely benefit from this as well. I'm trying to automate a set of weekly email reports that go out to 50+ clients and having a tool specifically for recurring emails would make things easier.  Currently exploring workaround options.



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Here's a pretty simple workaround to loop workflows. I've built this to send internal reminder emails for one of our clients, but you could replace that step with whatever you want to occur on a regular basis.


The workaround uses 2 separate workflows and a custom date property (ie. Send Date)


Whoever I manually enroll into Workflow 1 will receive the email in Workflow 2 on a recurring basis that I'm able to set using a single delay.


Workflow 1:

  • Enrollment Trigger=manually
  • Step 1=Clear the contact custom date property (Send Date)
  • Step 2=Delay action by the # of days/weeks/months you want to wait before workflow #2 recurs
  • Step 3=Set contact property value > (Send Date) > Date of step
  • Turn it on

Workflow 2:

  • Enrollment Trigger=Contact property "send date" is known; Re-enrollment=yes, when Send Date is known
  • Step 1=delay 1 minute
  • Step 2=send internal email (or whatever you want repeated)
  • Step 3=Enroll into Workflow 1
  • Turn it on

I've tested this by using 1 minute delays – worked like a charm.


@JeremyHong great use of thinking outside the box! I'll have to further automate so that manual enrollment in step 1 isn't required, but the rest of the process should work. Thanks for coming up with this, and hopefully HS will make this an integrated feature in a future release. 

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@abourdon You're very welcome! Hopefully you find some use out of it.


I haven't figured out how to completely automate the process yet, so if you make any headway on that I'd love to hear how you did it. 


I'm also curious to see if it'll work as a combined, single workflow, but I haven't had the spare time to run the tests.


I'll report back when I implement this so everyone can benefit. May be a few weeks, however.

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+1 for recurring/looping workflows! So many other platforms have this functionality.


I want to recurr an email every 6 months, I'm very surpised that there is not a striaght forward way to do this