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monthly goal per sales person

The monthly goals feature on the goals charts is helpful. It's a fixed number specificied in when building a report chart. I've taken an average number for the year and working from a cumulative view so it is a straight line. However I noticed because it is a fixed number set in the chart it works at team level, but when I filter my dashboard for specific owners the monthly charge remains they same (obiously) and then less helpful. I would have to create dashboards for each owner with their average goal in the chart to make it work. 


Therefore to make it more flexibile can HubSpot develop an 'average' goal (say in a time period that I define) which follows each of the users that have beeen assigned goals? That way when charts are filtered to an owner, the monthly goal in the chart can follow a prespecified average goal in the period instead of being a fixed number. Maybe also make it optional in the report builder to fix the monthly goal to follow the owner or be a fixed number.


I'm only focused on revenue goals and patiently awaiting custom goals to be available in HS - fingers crossed!


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Similar issue - I'm not necessarily needing an average or an average split per salesperson - I'm needing an actual monthly goal per salesperson - just like the one we entered on their goal sheet in HS - so that we can see how we're tracking monthly against those goals. If anyone can point me toward a solved issue on the community boards, that would be much appreciated.