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There has been a lot of chatter regarding using reporting services like SEMRush and Moz which will give you site audits. Usually, these reports give back information such as errors and issues One of the major errors I've seen reported on a lot of HubSpot sites are the Duplication errors for things such as:


  • Duplicate content: This is usually caused by the /page/1 not being properly redirected from the start. You have to create three directs total to fix that. Another cause for duplicate content is that listing pages do not have the ability to have a self-referencing canonical (which is fixed with some quick HubL in the blog template header).
  • Duplicate Titles: Caused by all the paginated pages showing the same title.
  • Duplicate Meta Descriptions: Same cause as above

The first bullet, as mentioned, can be fixed with using URL mapping tool and HubL, the last two, however, we have zero control over. I know we can use JS to change the titles and meta's for the listing and Google's searching should be ok with checking those differences on the page. This can be tedious to do and a much better way would be to allow us to have a "Page Title Builder" in the SEO & Crawlers Tab. This can let us fi page titles and have them render server side rather than relying on JS to fix things and hoping they will be picked up during the next Google crawl.   


I have created a mockup below for this (based on Yoast's SEO WP Plugin) to better explain a possible solution:




Also, I think it would be awesome to have Description fields added to the blog topic's so we can create custom Meta Descriptions based on those topics and not have to rely on just the default blog meta description or one that Google pulls automatically (which is usually the post excerpt of the most recent post for that page). 

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Hi, Everyone,


While this is still in the planning phase, I have a workaround for you that will allow you to swap out meta description for blog listing pages based on the type of listing page. To do this navigate to settings > website > blog and use the following as an outline for your meta description.

{% if blog_author %}
{{ blog_author.bio }}
{% elif topic == 'topic1' %}
This is a meta description for the topic "topic1" in the example blog
{% elif topic == 'topic2' %}
This is a meta description for the topic "topic2" in the example blog
{% else %}
Example blog meta description for page {{ current_page_num }}. This is a description of what the blog listing pages are. 
{% endif %}

You can use the same logic in the title section. For example


Example blog - Page Number ({{ current_page_num }})



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