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Hi guys, 


I have several properties that are enriched via the API. I want to prevent the Hubspot users to overwrite them. Can I 'lock' a property, so access is prohibited?


Thanks for your support!

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Yes please, need to be able to lock address properties on a contact record so that they are only updated in companies.

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This would be SO useful for us.

We are looking to keep track of our loyalty points system on Hubspot and we only want certain people to be able to update the number of points on a contact.

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Hey Hubspot - any update here?

A much-needed feature that's been on the docket here for over 2 years.

Would love a status update from the product team.




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I agree with Noah! It would be great to get an update. Seems like a request that many would like and probably many that haven't spoken up about.

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And I agree with @ggobin for his/her support!

Just a little smidgen of attention on this thread would be amazing.

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Any traction on this? We need to lock properties from individuals, not teams. 

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Yes, this is a really important features

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This is a MUST! We have integrations and workflows tied to several properties now and humans are just not-to-be-trusted! Hubspot needs to have property-level permissions that the Super Admin only can edit.

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This would be really helpful 



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