lock a property on form


I would like to be able to have the ability to prevent a property from being overwritten.  the settings I feel it should have would be to: prevent user from changing (admin only), form field, workflow.


I am adding a leadsource property to a form.  if they already have a source I do not want that overwritten when the form submits.


I would also like to set it so that our sales team can add the field to a new contact but cannot change it without admin access.

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We would like to do something similar to this as well. In addition to the contact having a lead source, we also would like contacts to be able to refer others to us (aka give us names and email addresses of friends/colleagues). If a contact refers more than one person, we want to have a new field generated for the second, third, fourth, etc. referral.


AGREE 100%.  


This would be great! We really want to be able to manually lock in names for contacts we have an established relationship with; preventing their FB form submissions or Webinar registrations from overwriting the clean name we have recorded.