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keyboard shortcuts

The entire interface should be accessible via the keyboard. 


Hubspot recognizes the importance of them by blogging about them:


Hubspot blog on Facebook keyboard shortcuts

hubspot blog on chrome keyboard shortcuts


They even have a wiki page about confluence keyboard shortcuts:

hubspot confluence page about keyboard shortcuts


but fail to implement any themselves....

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October 14, 2022 02:56 AM

Hi. PM for the Global Navigation, Search and Notifications here. Thanks for resurfacing this and apologies for the delay in acknowledgement. You all will be happy to know that this is in the works already. We will share more updates as things progress. 🙏

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How about some feedback on your thinking on this very important feature? 

I agree that keyboard shortcuts would really accelerate our use of Hubspot. More examples:

/     for search

cntl-L for log a call

... for new contact

... for new company

... for task list

... for new email, call, task etc.


This is so important to move our users from click, click, click to power users. Many other top browser-based tools manage this with ease (gsheets, gdocs, sketchup CAD, etc., etc.)


Thanks to SWH for the workaround. Will try that.


This would be an EPIC upgrade. There is software out there to configure this and map to any web or windows app. If Hubspot is not going to implement natively, then it would be really nice if they just released a config of this type of software that had Hubspot shortcuts pre-mapped and we could customize from there..... Come on guys! It'd be like any Zapier integration where partnering is not worth the effort but a Zap is.


Yes please. Started on your Sales Course yesterday where you say HubSpot software is continuously improved upon. Keyboard shortcuts would make the CRM-software faster, and more inbound 😉 


A shortcut to the global search in CRM Sales is such a no brainer.
Being able to pin a specific contact within the company view that shows contacts on the right side is also a must.  Some accounts I work with have 70 salesmen - only one is the guy I work with most frequently - I want him to be one click away.


Hubspot has a wide berth - going back and finishing the builds will help you sell more seats - guaranteed.


John Bevier

The Sound Organisation


Would love to see contact related shortcuts to pull existing meta data, would be super helpful, e.g. contact.firstname


It's 2021. Keyboard shortcuts are available in web apps. get it done.

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Hey guys. New to HubSpot here.


I came all the way from using I'm really surprised that CMD+ENTER isn't available as a keyboard shortcut to send messages. I thought it was one of the most basic features that a service like this should have.


So yeah, it'd be really great if that's implemented. Thanks



I can't get behind this enough!  You simply can't call yourself a productivity tool without keyboard shortcuts. It's a basic requirement.


This should be easy to implement, especially starting off with basics like CMD+Enter to submit, escape to close a window, and a shortcut for opening up the global search.


It feels like I'm losing up a huge chunk of time and energy, but more importantly, I can't enter a truly productive flow state with all the heavy mouse usage.


Plus it hurts my hand  : |

Please!!  🙂


+1 to this


Indeed, I'm also missing a keyboard shortcut for performing a seach in Hubspot CRM. Any clue if this was made available in the meantime?


Click, click, click, click, click


like I'm using an app from the 90's


How  disappointing that keyboard shortcuts are non-existant across the board. This is basic CRM functionality. A total surprise. ☹️


PLEASE add shortcuts asap. I am a new user and I was honestly shocked that I couldn't shift-click to select a group of contacts. this will save me SO MUCH TIME. And I'm used to this being a normal feature in other software I use like Outreach. Efficiency is king. Please allow shortcuts asap. 

Here here - totally agree.
Every time I’m forced to reach for my mouse is an efficiency setback.

And yes, I know - it’s a sad statement that our days are segmented into
win/lose by time durations as short as hand motions. It is what it is!
Yeh, a bit frustrating. I think it's not about the time and motion so much
as it is about allowing people to get into a flow and do things by muscle
memory, have it enter the subconscious and as a result reduce fatigue from
a given task


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It's April 2021 and HubSpot is still missing a ton of features we'd expect from a modern web app. 

The fact that small things like ⇧ + 8 or even a dash don’t make an unordered list in the email client is comical—not to mention the ⌘ + Enter option to save many folks have already mentioned.


It seems like every day I find something else this software cannot do—I'm just not sure this saves me more time than syncing up different apps would be at a lower price.


+1. Cmd+Enter for saving/sending would be awesome.


+1 on many ideas on this thread, but particularly Crt+(whatever) to create new tasks, contacts, notes. 

HubSpot Employee

Seconded! This is a feature request that has come up more than once in my time in Support, and could really be beneficial to our customers. So much time is spent clicking around-- having the option to use keyboard shortcuts could really help the efficiency of a user's workflow.