keyboard shortcuts


The entire interface should be accessible via the keyboard. 


Hubspot recognizes the importance of them by blogging about them:


Hubspot blog on Facebook keyboard shortcuts

hubspot blog on chrome keyboard shortcuts


They even have a wiki page about confluence keyboard shortcuts:

hubspot confluence page about keyboard shortcuts


but fail to implement any themselves....

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+1 this would be a game changer for productivity, particularly for jumping to search and between contacts/companies/deals/tickets


I have last seen this idea floated on the forums in 2017, but it would be good to have keyboard shortcuts - Crtl+Enter to save notes and tasks, Crt+(whatever) to create new tasks, contacts, notes. It would make things flow much easier. Hubspot even has an article about how useful it would be but the


Late to the party. Just adding my +1 for at *least* ctrl+enter when emailing from the platform. 

Using Linkedin and Gmail all day, it's a must have for consistency of workflow. 


+1. it's absurd hubspot doesn't have this on by default.


The amount of hours I could save per month by clicking just shift and one letter is much faster than dragging my mouse all over the screen.


Such a shame @scubadrew, they have something good going on here but there are so many little faults that though small, make a big difference and make it so much more tedious to use. 



NEED KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS! Very important. It would be great if it could be customizeable as well. 

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Frustrating that this isn't getting any traction. There are lot of idea submissions that their support team could merge together. It's watering down the votes. Right now I have to rely on TAB  + SPACE to save things which works in a lot of places, but we need more shortcuts like a shortcut for search, add a contact, jump to etc. 

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Even being able to tab through every field for a contact or company would be helpful, but shortcuts would be even better!

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It sounds like what you are describing is the Snippets feature:



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@JoeMayall I actually think they're more thinking of keyboard commands to create a new task, email contact, etc. An example would be "Crtl+T" would open the task window on a contact to create a new task. But maybe I'm understanding the creator wrong. That's what I was hoping for. 


Seriously insane that this hasn't been implemented in 3 years. The whole point of a CRM is to increase productivity and this is the simplest and easiest to implement feature to do just that. 

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Hubspot team, any chance y'all can respond to this thread? Or any of the other ones?

Especially during COVID thousands of people are essentially living in hubspot. Please at least share an ETA of when keyboard shortcuts might be released. Sell it internally as "an impactful effort Hubspot can make to benefit the broader community during these difficult times"


Help us Hubspot-kenobi, you're our only hope...


I agree. Lot to be said for just flicking around the screen using shortcuts (i.e. muscle memory). 


Can I +1 this? When I googled this I saw a ton of articles from the hubspot blog about using shortcuts in social media, chrome, etc. So if the Hubspot team is a fan why don't have have these in Hubspot? I came from Pipedrive where they had shortcuts. I'd love to have some for things like compsing email, logging calls, pretty much all the "create activity" buttons.

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+1000 for keyboard shortcuts.



Yes please! need them so badly


Even if you implemented the most BASIC Window standards of CTRL A for ADD a contact and CTRL S for Save a Contact, this would make life SO much easier for us!


Agreeing with keyboard shortcuts for actions.


Also suggesting "replace as you type" Microsoft-Word-like keyboard shortcuts, similar to the snippets feature, that can be used when filling in properties in addition to the places snippets can currently be used. Basically just extending snippets to be used all over the site, in as many text-entering places as possible.


I agree that keyboard shortcuts would really accelerate our use of Hubspot. To be clear this is NOT snippets, but more what samglenn is describing. More examples:

/     for search

cntl-L for log a call

... for new contact

... for new company

... for task list

... for new email, call, task etc.


This is so important to move our users from click, click, click to power users. Many other key browser based tools manage this with ease (gsheets, gdocs, sketchup CAD, etc., etc.)