keyboard shortcuts

The entire interface should be accessible via the keyboard. 


Hubspot recognizes the importance of them by blogging about them:


Hubspot blog on Facebook keyboard shortcuts

hubspot blog on chrome keyboard shortcuts


They even have a wiki page about confluence keyboard shortcuts:

hubspot confluence page about keyboard shortcuts


but fail to implement any themselves....

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+1 on all of the above – shortcuts, tabbing, etc.


It's not an insignificant thing, learning to keep your hands on the keyboard and using shortcuts to work with all your software to save time, it all adds up. The obvious one would be to create an object, eg. Contact, Company, etc. but I appreciate that HubSpot is used by different people in different ways so it may not be obvious which object to create on pressing a shortcut like 'c'. For this, it might be even better to offer customisable shortcuts in the Settings.

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He swh!

Just made a profile to say thank you for sharing this great solution. Works like a charm.


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Hubspot is a productivity tool. We need shortcute AND the ability to TAB across fields without using the mouse. 


When manually creating contacts, I would like to quickly enter email, first name, last name, and other mandatory fields. Some of these filelds are stored in lists that cannot be accessed without using the mouse. This significantly poses additional barriers for the contact creation step that could easily be overcome. 




Please add keyboard shortcuts!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Agreed. Could really do with keyboard shortcuts for e.g. selecting the search box

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New to Hubspot but not new to CRMs - lack of "quick access" buttons and KB shortcuts for common items (defined by me ideally) is very annoying.  Hundreds of thousands of unnecassary clicks each day by hubspot users if I had to guess.  Add a panel like the one in the dialer, but fixed in the main menu area.  Make the buttons user programmable and you have a real winner!

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And how about being able to use the keyboard for dialling numbers (e.g. extensions) instead of having to use the keypad in HubSpot? It doesn't work very well...


Clickup has awesome shortcuts. Maybe have a look at them when you work on it.

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+1 to a feature request for shortcuts. 


SHW, I downloaded your chrome extension - looks good but I'm not sure how to invoke the shortcut - if I just type a shortcut in the page it doesn't navigate



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+1 All for this idea. This is crusial to a speedy workflow.