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invite shared calendar at the time of booking from the customer

Hi team! Posting this idea on behalf of my customer: 


"When we are reaching out to customers, we provide Hubspot meeting links in our emails for easy booking. Many of these meetings involve more than one participant on our side, so we make Group meetings and attach all calendars that need to be invited. After a customer books, we then have to manually go into Google Calendar to add our generic team account to each meeting so all meeting show up on our shared calendar for visibility. 

We are hoping there is a way to always invite this shared calendar at the time of booking from the customer


We have considered adding the shared calendar as a User but many members of our team have overlapping meetings and we don't want this calendar to block times from customers that are indeed open with the other participants from our team

If we could have the meeting booked by the customer automatically logged to our shared calendar, it will be immensely helpful as opposed to having to do it manually"


thanks team!

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HubSpot Employee

I agree it would be really cool to post meetings onto a shared calendar even if thats not the calendar being synced by the meeting invite