including multiple contacts in the 'to:' field of a single email

Currently, HS does not allow users to email multiple contacts within a single email - either via autocomplete as you type the contact names, or by accessing the 'contacts' tab, in list mode, and checkmarking the boxes for who you wish to email.


This is a staple of Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and your competition (i.e. Salesforce). I'd like to stay within HS and send email, as many email addresses are captured via 'contact us' forms from our website, etc., and are not in my Outlook contacts. 


As it currently is, I have to copy each contacts email address from HS, paste into an Outlook email, and then send. That, or export the contact email address fields to excel, copy, and paste... all solutions that are very unproductive, and keep me from using Hubspot to its fullest capability.