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HubSpot in July18 changed the import contacts function and removed the ability to name the import itself as a static group (call that Group A). Also removed was the ability to allocate the import to a current static group during the import (call that Group B). 


There are now 3 operations instead of 1. Now we need to:

1. import the contacts

2. after import is complete define the import group as a static group (Group A)

3. go to this new static group and allocate all members to a wider group (Group B)


PLEASE can we have a simple option as we import contacts to automatically nominate them as a static group (as before) and / or allocate the import to other static groups? The Hubspot change has literally tripled the effort for each import set.


If it aint broke dont fix it?


Mark : )

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I completely agree. It bothers me when the name of the list is the name of the file. There has been issues when another employee actually 'deletes' the list, but the list will remain. I also can't link to the list import anymore so if there are any errors in the list, I would have to ask the employee to look for the list themselves.