importing a contact/vCard from outlook

I often get emails from new contacts (in Outlook) and capture their complete contact info from a signature block or other means.  I would like to sync/send ALL of this information to HubSpot.  How can this be done without re-entering much of the information?


Why not enable HubSpot to read a contact that is forwarded to the Hubspot email alias, and create the contact in it's entirety?

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I think we need to hammer these guys.   


I have suggested  this same function a dozen times.


Let's  see if we post this every single week if we can get a response.

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my list of "usability" items is growing - I send a list and had a 45 min call with someone last week - they fixed a couple items, but several othere time-waster items still open.  (see my list - below)


There is a Zap (Zapier) that has worked for me (sporatically) for contact sync.  I had to crete one for HubSpot to Outlook, and a second for Outlook to HubSpot.  It seems to be very sporatic though - works for a few days, then I need to go back and re-initialize it.


I have put a har press on them to have a forum/user ideas section for UI/UX issues - so that others can speak up (and see what other users have already posted.


Friday, November 8, 2019

10:08 AM

  1. Access to Common features - Multiple selects/clicks to get into common pages like Contacts & Deals
  2. Default column sorts - s/b A-Z or newest to oldest
  3. No auto-save or notice of unsaved changes when leaving a page with edits (ie: contact)
  4. No Undo - in editor, or on property or data entry pages
  5. Page refresh required on many pages to see updated data
  6. Records view options /  customization
    1. Labels & data are presented in single column - prefer 2 columns (Label -  Data) for readability
  7. Pop-up window behavior
    1. Must mouse to bottom left to save, upper right to close pop-up window
    1. Changes in Contact preview pop-up
    2. Changes made in pop-ups do not auto-save and no mention of unsaved changes when closed
    3. Pop-ups do not automatically close (ie: contact preview) when changes are saved
    4. Changes SAVED in Pipeline Setting / Properties pop-up, are not actually saved, even after closing the window, unless you do another SAVE at the Settings level (same in Meeting Scheduler) - FIXED by changing "save" to "next"
    5. Pop-up windows (ie: - Template editor) cannot be moved
    6. "Save" for deals left sidebar is top left,,, opposite of contact right sidebar
    7. "Save" for notes is small grey icon below text window - easy to miss
  8. Connectivity & access to Sales Hub features
    1. "Could not connect to inbox" - disconnected in middle of sequence - major disruption
    2. Multiple notices to contact sales about Sales Hub/Sales Professional, months after purchase
    3. Properties | Records Customization - Create Team View - locked (need Sales Hub/talk to sales msg)
    4. Ads - ie: for Marketing Hub, even in Calendar page
  9. Restored deal workflows do not show up pipeline (settings)
  10. No place to post UI/UX items in the Community forums
  • Feature "misses"
    • Separate Leads flow (like SF and Insightly)
    • No native contact sync with Outlook
    • Link to LinkedIn profile from contact records
    • No recurring task capability
    • VERY Inconsistent "save" strategy and icon location
    • Cannot adjust sidebar widths
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Hello Hubspot development team. 


I have a very nice utility available to capture contact information in 1-click and create a contact with all available information formatted and stored in the correct fields.  Easily modified to support HubSpot or as an Outlook to HubSpot conversion. Happy to discuss options for integrating into your product (or offering as a very inexpensive add-on).  Contact me if interested.

Bests, Randy

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Hello Randy,


I'd like to learn more.   Can you post a description here, maybe with some screen shots?

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I am talking with the developer now, waiting for a response on a couple items.  Will update based on what I hear back. 


For capturing contact info (from just about any on-screen text) and creating an Outlook contact, I use the Copy2Contact utility.  Works very well from a number of sources (email signatures, websites & databases, spreadsheets, etc.).  Conversion is very accurate, even with extraneuous text interspersed. 


For syncing between HS and Outlook I am using the Zapier utility,,, not perfect but does the job.   Issues with duplicate entries and entries auto-created by HS that I don't want to sync.  I finally turned it off.  I'm using the free version so there may be a way to reduce this,,, but they want $50/mo even if you are only using it for contact conversion!

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Hi Randy!


Thank you very much for the suggestions.  I am a huge fan of Copy2Contact.   I have subscribed for years.


I also use Neat software to scan multiple business cards.  However, neat Cloud does NOT integrate with Office 365, only   Thus, I have to sync the cards to my personal email account, export them as vCards or CSV file, and import them into Office 365.


The suggestion about Zapier is most welcome.  Their tech has come a very long way.  I'm now on a 2-week trial.  They're offering the service at something like $8/mos.  I love it so far.

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I just found out that Zapier with integrate with Office 365 and Hubspot.  Whenever I add a new contact to one, it appears in the other..    I'm not sure that the information is complete, but this is a powerful feature even if it is not.

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great to hear crmcri,


I am using the free version of Zap and it works well once you set up the field mapping, which was a bit confusing 1st time around.  The only compalaint I have is that I have a zap for HS to Outlook, and also one for Outlook to HS.  I inevitably got duplicate copies of new contacts so I ended up turning one off.