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if statements in email templates

I want to ask HubSpot to support if statements in email templates as soon as possible.

It would be a really big help in providing customized content to our potential customers in our emails.


We currently support 7 languages.


Currently, all the personalization has to be done in either 7 different templates for the languages, or in the 7 email itself and by the help of many lists.


You can guess that for example to support different languages or countries, you would have to create really a lot of emails and lists to provide such personalization, even though we could access it over properties very easily. If we could compare these properties.


Many thanks for your suggestions to ease this process.

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Yes, please. Just fought for over an hour simply because I wanted to show the first 3 items in a customers abandoned cart in an email - if the second or third items didnt exist, I didnt want to show them. I tried some simple hbml markup but - now I find out thats impossible. 😞 Swore I could do such things in Bronto, albeit without the pretty interface .


Just a note, Hubspot recently expanded smart content to include most modules, so I've had success creating segmented lists and creating smart rules for those lists for images, buttons, text, and even HTML for my emails. It's helped me completely personalize content all in one email.


Completely agree, conditional logic support in emails would be a huge time saver!


I really support this idea!

Another use case is the preference of using first name or last name in the salutation - which can be country specific or contact specific (e.g. knowing someone better).

To really use the email functionality for personalized emails without having to create many lists (as someone else described) or other workarounds the IF feature is a must.


An absolute must for every serious CRM.  Using Smartrules to build a modular email is a terrible pain.






+1   Definitely need this! 


If-statements (and full HubL support) in emails is essential for use. I am suprised why this isn't supported yet.


This is highly required, e.g. we mainly sell to business, but occasionally  to consumers. For consumers (i.e. no company associated) certain terms & conditions do not apply and certain information, e.g. VAT number is not required , so I would like to have a template that include or excludes paragraphes based on this.

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This blog post mentions "Programmable Email" which sounds like the solution to this idea!

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Pjbovee, I have the same use case. Still no progress on this after almost 2 years.


+1 for this feature

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This is mind blowing that this isn't a capability. Having to create a bunch of different lists and templates based on the values of certain contact properties is totally convoluted. So disappointing.

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Hi @BiG and other contributors, we now support this for Pro+ customers. It is currently in Beta and you can request access to Programmable Email through your CSM. The knowledgebase article is here:

It should be out to all customers by end of June.



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I want this, it will really help us


Hi team,


this is good news for marketing email, however it would be highly appreciated for sales email templates as well.

Especially for languages with a lot of gender-specific changes to words it is a nightmare to create templates that work with male and female receipients or senders.

Multiple templates are not really an option due to the number of possible permutations (e.g. sender ,receipient, project manager can all be male/female, this would already be 8 templates.

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Hi -


Also adding my voice to this, this would be really useful. I've had to write a workflow with 12 if-then steps and 12 email templates to handle some dynamic content emails that need to be sent out cleanly and automatically with no cleaning-up. This could be done instead with a while-wend statement (like in Excel VBA) that would add properties to an email until the properties are empty...which is how a bespoke system handles it, but we'd love to move this into HubSpot!

Best, John


@NickBazuin - you can also use lists along with smart rules on email sections to show/hide stuff. 

use a workflow to send contacts to lists, use smart rules to show sections based on membership in these lists. 




I assumed for sure this would be a basic feature of email (since its available on pretty much all major free and $10/month email marketing software). The mentioned page above in May still says Create programmable emails (BETA) Last updated: June 14, 2021.


@Shane_Janssens do you have an update on a timeline here? Client in question is on enterprise.




You've previously wrote this feature will be available to all customers by June.


Going to the dedicated page appears the feature is only valid for Pro users.


Is there any chance that this feature will be released to Starter users also?