if statements in email templates

I want to ask HubSpot to support if statements in email templates as soon as possible.

It would be a really big help in providing customized content to our potential customers in our emails.


We currently support 7 languages.


Currently, all the personalization has to be done in either 7 different templates for the languages, or in the 7 email itself and by the help of many lists.


You can guess that for example to support different languages or countries, you would have to create really a lot of emails and lists to provide such personalization, even though we could access it over properties very easily. If we could compare these properties.


Many thanks for your suggestions to ease this process.

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Having the same issue! That's actually a must-have!

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Being able to have "IF"conditions  would be so useful!!! Please implement this feature soon!

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That's such an important feature to keep things simpler! Just think about German or Spanish salutations where the greeting changes depending on a female/male recipient...

derekcavaliero Esteemed Contributor | Diamond Partner
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Yeah, this is a massive bottleneck for emails that may need more customization than just simple rich-text blocks.


I understand there are technical issues/challenges w/ adding this functionality - but it's definately needed sooner rather than later.

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+1!!! This is such an important feature, and would be a lot less work than the current alternatives of multiple emails and/or smart content.

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It would be a great help especially for the languages like german, where you have salutations based on gender. Please go for it! Thank's a lot.

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@Roger : Yes, this is one of our problems with the languages. Currently, we greet with "Guten Tag XX,", where XX is the first name. We only do this because more fitting solutions would be way too complicated for our newsletter.

But for germans, this is a very rude way of speaking, especially if there is no first name and the greeting is only "Guten Tag ," (remark the useless space in front of the comma here), which is totally not a normal greeting term without a following name in german.


The "perfect" solution would be if we could greet based on a gender setting.

For example for mister/miss "Meier it would be "Guten Tag Herr Meier," or "Guten Tag Frau Meier," respectively. And there would be a fitting option for missing gender settings, too. It would be way more polite!

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I have this issue with needing to send different images to different customers, so an if statement would be primo! (That or a smart content setting for the image block.)

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It would be handy to add proprieties dynamically with the use of "If statement" across mailing. HubSpot please implement it!

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I would like to add another use case. We will be capturing the airport code that a traveller would like to travel from, such as YVR (Vancouver, Canada). I'd like to do something like:


If airport code equals YVR, set airport name to Vancouver

Else if airport code equals YEG, set airport name to Edmonton

etc etc.


And then be able to spit out the airport name in the email. However, this doesn't work because of the current limitations with contact properties and if statements.


This is pretty common programming, and it's available in other ESPs. Would love to see HubSpot implement this for email, it would really open up a lot of possibilities.