iOS import failed to include company name and address

We scan business cards using a 3rd party app (World Card Mobile) and then import them to the HubSpot iOS app. We need to import ALL fields. 


Right now it's only: 

  • Name,

  • Mobile Phone,

  • Phone,

  • Email,

  • Job title,

  • Website

We need other fields

  • Company name
  • Address
  • Notes - added after the scan but synced to phone contacts

Please add these crucial fields! 

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HubSpot Moderator
HubSpot Moderator

Hi @CaptainWasHere The settings tab on the iOS app includes a Provide Feedback  link. It would be best to add your comment there as those messages are fed directly to the product team. 


I'm also going to add this to the ideas forum for further commnet. 


Thank you,

Ed Justen 

New Contributor

Any update on this?  I just joined and notice this comment abot not scanning addresses was from January 2018.