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how to utilize "top engaged contacts" from a marketing email

There is a great new dashboard in the marketing performance tab within each email that has been sent through HubSpots marketing portal. it shows how many times each contact has opened/clicked an email.


unfortunatley at the moment there is no actionable way to use this information because you cannot add it to a smartlist or build a report out of it. It would be really great to see this be added as a contact property value so that we can use this as a way to prioritize sales follow ups based on email engagement.

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May 19, 2020 02:40 AM

Hi Contributers, thank you for the idea and for all the feedback. As Shay mentioned there is some significant work that is still in progress. It will not be landing in the next quarter so for transparency and clarity, I am updating this issue to 'Not currently planned' for the time being. I will update here once we are ready to share some updates.





November 18, 2019 07:16 AM

Appreciate the follow up, everyone. While this idea isn't in development right now we're always keeping a close eye on the feedback to help inform the future roadmap. @LukePrAlc specifically related to your feedback, would you consider 10+ opens on a specific email as the differenciator, or just 10+ opens in one day of any emails you've sent them as valid in this case? I.e. a filtering option of "Contact has opened any email >10 times in <24hrs"?

May 19, 2019 04:43 PM

Appreciate the feedback @ltowers and @paju, thanks for sharing

April 18, 2019 09:35 AM

Hi all, appreciate all the votes and feedback on this post!


I have some good, and not so good, updates to share on this specific feature. The good news is that we're deep into a pretty significant overhaul of the email reporting infrastructure to move it onto HubSpot's more modern and feature-rich reporting systems which will unlock a lot of new reporting features and capability. The existing email reporting systems were some of the first we built at HubSpot, and have served us well over the years, but they have a good way to come to meet the more flexible and customisable expectations we have today, which should unlock a lot more options including some of the ones described here.


The not so good news is that this project is not the most straightforward task. We don't have a concrete answer on exactly how long this will take but it's actively being worked on and is a top priority for us.


In the meantime, it'd be super helpful to get to know a little more about how you'd leverage this data in your usage of HubSpot. There's a few ideas we've been floating around but we can't quite pin down which is the most relevant to the particular needs here. To list out what we have in mind: 


  1. Would you want to be able to create lists out of the top engaged contacts on a per-email basis? 
    • I.e. a list filter that looks a little something like "Email Activity" > "April Ebook Offer Email" > "Is top engaged contacts"
  2. Create a smart list of all top engaged contacts across all emails ever?
    • I.e. a running list of the most engaged contacts (by raw open/click counts) across all emails ever sent
  3. A report that shows the most engaged contacts (by raw open/click counts) within a set window of time (i.e. last 30 days)
  4. An updated/improved contac timeline card that does more to highlight the count of opens/clicks a contact did on a specific email?
    • I.e. an improvement on:
  5. Any alternatives?

We're very interested in understanding how you'd like to see and use this data inside your portal, so any and all context is appreciated. Thanks!

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This would be amazing. Without it, I feel like there are so many strong lead opportunities lost.


This is a much-needed report, at the moment I am cutting and pasting information for my sales team which is time consuming and inefficient.  Please make this data available as a report.

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Hi team,


commenting for a customer here.

Seeing that we have top engaged contact report for each part of marketing emails > can we get this up as a list/workflow criteria soon?


This should really be added as a filter for Active Lists.


If I email 1000 people, and I get 100 of them with 3+ opens, it's a major timesink to have my sales reps go through each individual contact and reach out, when I could do an automated follow-up blast instead.

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I have a customer who really wants this feature so she can send more targeted emails to highly engaged contacts. Hoping to see this feature come around soon! 


It's 2022, is there any chance this feature could be added in the next quarter?

Here is an idea to make it a quick win:


A simple export functionality for that list only! At the end of the day, a list of top engaged contact is already produced, the only missing step is a way to utilize that list. 
If it is shown there, there must be a place in the database where that list is stored already, it's really only a front end matter: call that list to allow any action on it.

Would be good to start with either of the following:

Export list;

Send email to top engaged contacts;

Directly create a list out of that top engaged contacts list;

Add tag to top engaged contacts;


Best regards




@Shay  we definitely need this. Among your points, number 1. and 2. are the most important for us. 

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It's possible to create a report on this now, using the Custom Report Builder:


  • Marketing Email as the primary data source
  • Contacts as the second
  • Marketing email events: email link clicks OR opened emails (I did one report for each, similar to the "Top Engaged Contacts" reports)
  • Table format
  • Can add the Marketing Email Name to the selected data (but not table) so that when you click on the number of links, you can see which email a given Contact clicked on.

Seems to work fine.


We've also filtered by last 14 days and use last contacted date, so reps can act on Contacts showing interest, especially where they haven't been in contact recently.


Of course, being able to List this data would be another step up again and make it more actionable.




All of the list and report scenarios you described above would be absolutely useful. Can you please provide an update on the timeframe for these advancements, given that your communication was from August 2019? 


I love HubSpot and have brought at least 6 companies to HubSpot. I am very disappointed that we can only analyze each email campaign individually and, even more importantly, can't capture engaged contacts from a series of emails that are part of the same campaign and further engage with them easily... and much more.


Totally agree! Would love the possibility to export or to add the report to a dashboard.


How is this still not an update? Why even show us the top engaged contacts when we can't do anything with that information? We would like to be able to pull that group into a list or a report to pass on to the sales reps. I get that the Apple privacy updates might be inflating it, but if it gives our sales reps a place to start on some interested customers, we would love to be able to pass this on to them. Huge miss on HubSpot's part for ignoring this for 5 years as you clearly have the data. 


Hi All,


This would be a great feature to have and all the suggestions are exactly what is needed.


I just had a meeting with our marketing and sales team and I naively said I would be able to send a top engagement report for each mailer with workflows and lists.


@Brucey - Your suggestion is a great placeholder solution.


Big thumbs up for this Idea


Yes, it would be great to easily make a list and be able to provide a list of Top Engaged contacts for Sales to reach out to. I believe anything above 3 opens is worth looking at.