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"Hi there,


I am working with deal pipelines. I would like to limit which pipelines certain sales reps of mine have access to. For example, when they go to create a deal I would like them to only be able to utilize pipelines that are related to their work. This could help confusion when creating deals and


Furthermore, it would be great to have certain stages in a pipeline which then "hide" that deal for a later date. For example if I am close to closing a deal but my client needs some time before they are able to close the deal, lets say three months, I would like to be able to put the deal as deferred and have it out of my general work space for deals.


Thank you!"

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Permissioning of pipelines would be incredibly helpful!

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Hi there Hubspotters Robot Happy

We need it too. 

We are growing and now we have several pipelines and several sales teams working on them. 

When sales ppl create a deal it is hard for them to pick the right pipe/it is time-consuming.


Would be great to have the possibility to hide/enable pipelines based on team membership. e.g: Team A could only see pipe X and team B could see only pipe Y and Z


Thanks a ton.





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In addition to all the capabilities proposed above, it'd be helpful if admins had the ability to lock the editability of a certain pipeline. For example, team members may not be able to edit the deals within the pipeline (amounts, etc.) but they would still be able to see reports that include the revenue from those deals (and other properties related to those deals). 

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Yes this needs to happen! We are dealing with the same issue and want only certain Sales Reps to see certain deals (team and their own) and there needs to be some permissions access/denial around this.


We also have reps that are overseas and we don't feel comfortable showing them all the deals, but then again they also need to see what's going on.  Perhaps we limit the amounts of the deals to certain users?

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This would be really useful, and similarly it would be great if we could hide certain deal stages from specific teams.  For instance, we only want our SDR team to see our earliest deal stage.