group scheduling for meetings tool


Pooled availaiblity for the meetings tools.  We want to be able to provide one booking link that reflects availability for a team of people.

So we would want multiple calendars & availabilities associated with one booking link, so a contact can schedule an appointment with any rep that's available at a given time & the rep can keep their personal calendar updated with accurace booking info.

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HubSpot Product Team

Thank you so much!!  I even messaged support about this and they said it wasn't a feature!


While it is great that you can create a meetings link that shows group availability, it is only for users with sales pro licenses. In our org, sales reps (who are the people with sales pro licenses) do not meet together. They each have their own book of business and prospect list so there is rarely ever an instance where they would need to find time to meet with a customer together. However, where we do have a need for this is with our internal product experts (who only have contact licenses because they do not need other features). These would be staff that sales bring into meetings to do demos or talk about a specific subject matter in more detail. That's really when it would be helpful to have the group meeting availability link. Is there any possibility of making this feature open to users without the sales pro license? That's the only way it's really useful for us and it wouldn't make sense to give sales pro licenses to everyone because they wouldn't use any of the other sales related features.