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generic email opt in and opt out confirm emails under settings

As a marketer I would like to implement an opt-out confirmation email as well as an opt-in confirmation email. I can not build it now, so in short I would like a solution much like the resubscription email which is already available under settings.


longer explanation:


an opt-out confirmation email and an opt-in confirmation email make sense from a business perspective:

- with the opt-out confirmation email I can (respectfully) try and re-earn an opt-in.

- with the opt-in confirmation email I can actively engage with contacts who recently opted in and offert them great content to get started, explain them how we register their data conform GDPR, etc. I think it would be very useful! 


However, I can not build this with a workflow for two reasons:

1. every automated email has to be assigned to a subscription type. As the user just opted out, it will not receive the corresponding 'opt out confirm email' for that subscription type. not a desirable outcome, as still nothing happens.


2. using a workflow with an if/then branch will fire ALL emails for all subscription types the contact has opted into/out of, so the contact will receive multiple e-mails when checking or unchecking multiple boxes on the preferences page. so, also not a desirable outcome. I want to deliver a single email, even when multiple boxes are (un)checked, but with relevenat content.


desired solution: 

this I think would work, since the mechanism is already in Hubspot. Think Reusbscription email under settings.

- I would like an opt-out confirm email under settings and not assigned to specific subscription type, which can then be sent when a contact opts out of one (or more) of the subscription types.

- I would also like an opt-in confirm email under settings, also not assigned to specific subscription types which can then be sent when a contact opts in to one (or more) of the subscription types.

- for both the opt-in and opt-out emails I would like personalization tokens other than the 'opted out of' contact properties which contain non-translatable english values. I can't use these for my non-english audience.

- also, I would like to see the subscription type statuses to be added as rules for smart content so the email can be personalized using smart content, addressing the specific subscription types a contact has opted into/out of. (this is a nice to have I guess but it would allow for much more relevant content, based on the related subscription types.)


- now the complexity creeps in when a contact uncheck one subscription type and opts in for another. so maybe it would have to be a single 'preferecnes update confirm email' in stead of separate opt-in and opt-out confirm emails. changes are, this email becomes to generic so you lose the value of re-earning an opt-in or start engaging with an optin. but that's for you guys to come upo with a clever solution.


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I agree that this would be a very useful addition to our Marketing tool. The addition of one email which is not assigned to a specific subscription type would allow the seamless interaction between marketers and their contacts without overwhelming the contacts with emails based on each individual subscription type. 

Sikemi Matthew
Customer Support Specialist 
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