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generate a report of duplicates


It would be easier if there was an option to generate a report of duplicates.

I can see the duplicates at " duplicate management tool", but if I want to export this - it's not possible. My temporary solution for this is copy the names and paste to excel.

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There is now an app in the HubSpot App Marketplace called Ultimate Data Export for HubSpot. You can export the following data tables and their associations directly to Microsoft Excel:

  • Contacts
  • Web Analytics
  • Companies
  • Deals
  • Deal History
  • Owners
  • Campaigns
  • Engagements
  • Emails
  • Products
  • Tickets
  • Forms
  • and more related subdata such as Pipelines and Associations.

By using the tools in Excel, you should be able to easily identify duplicates. Please note that the limitations of HubSpot's import tool means that you cannot upload an edited version of the exported .xlsx file.


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I would like to be able to run a duplicate report by Rep so I can send out a list to each Rep to clean up their data.


I am looking to generate a duplicate report that is organized by sales representative, so that I can send each rep a list of duplicate records in their data that needs to be cleaned up. This will allow me to effectively address any issues with duplicate information in our system. This would be extremely valuable to us. 


Dear Hubspot Support Team,

Managing duplictes is always a challenging job in our day to day life and if HubSpot marketing hub doesn't provide us the way to build a report for duplicates then it makes our life more miserable. I would like to request this feature to be included in the next feature update.

Please do consider this.



I would like a way to see how many duplicates have been merged.


any updates on this ? why this is so difficult to be added or done ?


Hey @adid,


I would love this feature too. It's necessary for HubSpot+Salesforce integrations due to the limitations as well as just general approval processes for many companies. 


Also wanted to mention that Insycle can do this for you. Full disclose — I work for them. But I know this is a problem a lot of companies face so I wanted to share.


Using Insycle in preview mode, you can identify duplicates in advanced ways to produce a CSV detailing all of the identified duplicates. You can use any HubSpot field as a potential matching field, or parse the data held in fields in unique ways (like ignoring whitespace, for example). Then, you can bulk merge hundreds of duplicates at one time, and ensure that you keep all of your best data across all of the records, because you can set rules for data retention on a field-by-field basis. We recently wrote about this here


Then, you can schedule merge operations to happen on a set schedule, like Friday afternoon after everyone has gone home. Or even inject Insycle's deduping templates right into Workflows so your data is always deduped immediately after it enters the system. 


Hope that helps.






It is very un-Hubspot that there is no way to sort or otherwise organize this data. We have nearly 5,000 duplicate issues and we need the ability to generate lists/reports/etc. to share with contact owners to clean these up. 


Please add this functionality soon!! 🙏🙏🙏


It would be nice to have the ability to search for a duplicate contact or user in the duplicates management area and to see the owner of the contact or company for the duplicate. This would allow my team to easily merge duplicates. Sorting would also make things easier. 


I see the report must be a newer feature. This is helpful; however, the report doesn't easily show the owner of the contact/company. it was a code I had to get my Integration team to download through the API. It would be better if the report showed the user's name. 


The concept of this page is great, but the execution/user-friendliness could be improved. 


Thank you.