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gamification reports

It'd be great to have some kind of gamification type reports for the sales team. 


For example, show a leaderboard about how many quotes each user is, and then some kind of reward, or point system, or badge if the user meets the quota,


perhaps some kind of way to set daily/weekly/monthly challenges


ability to encourage the sales team, e.g. a persistent message 'You're just 10 calls away from your daily best --> keep it up!' etc. 


This would encourage the right behaviour from the sales team, which is especially useful whilst many of us are going to be working remotely. 

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I think this is a good idea. You even have this type of gamification on this community-page. 


Also a good thing would be to be able to give praise when you get a notification that someone has won a deal or similar - thumbs up and/or comment directly to the notification or on the deal, to build the sales community within your company.


yes agree this would be great as we see the rise in using gamification activities to drive activity. THis would add a good way of rewarding the right behavious and also link up with any internal reward scheme too. Rather than teams having to manually do it. I notice this is something which is available via salesforce.