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filters limit

Hello Support Team,


can you please increase the limit of the filters (added to favorites in contacts)? It is actually 5 at the moment but too little. Maybe 10 would be great. That makes our work a lot easier.


best regards

Sebastian Winter

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Contributeur occasionnel

We are also lloking forward to have more filters in our favorites list.

Contributeur régulier

yes, please. We need more than 5  favorites!

Contributeur occasionnel

I vote for No Limit!


We should be able to overwhelm ourseles with favorites if we choose to.

Nouveau contributeur

One of the reasons for me to upgrade to Professional was that I hoped for more favorites, no limit, or at least 10. But unfortunately, even with Professional the limit is set to 5. Big disappointment... and if you ask me, there's absolutely no reason for HubSpot to limit this. So come on HubSpot, this is a small change, easy to test and release. Shouldn't take a year as open backlog item... 

Contributeur occasionnel

Yess!!! Thank you, Henk!


We need more votes. Smiley triste

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This is a big dissapointment. We have a database of 50,000 contacts. The only way to work with this klind of database is to break it down into smaller portions and for that we need to have different views. We have 30 different preset views in the saved filters, maybe more , and they are just sorted alphabetically, so there is no way to prioritze there. The only way is by adding to fsvorites and the limit is 5, but you need to have all contacts and my contacts, so you can really only have 3. With what we are patying for hubspot this seems unacceptable.

Contributeur occasionnel

Thank you, Hohmann!!!


We should also be able to right click and open filters in a new window!