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Filtering by company / contact owner would be a great feature. As there are several sales people and you currently have to thumb through all of them to see what is or isn't yours. this would create an easy way to keep the data clean.

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As a super admin, I don't want to be responsible for blindly merging duplicates on behalf of my teams. The view definitely needs to show more information than just Contact 1, Contact 2. And under Review view, add Contact Owner. And being able to filter like the OP suggests, would be very helpful.


I need to be able to see a list of contacts that I own to dedup. I shouldn't be deduping other people's contacts. At the very least it should show the contact owner in the list.


Agreed, as a system admin, I would like to pull reports of potential duplicates by Sales person and by a property on the contact.  We are currently syncing our contacts with our Sales system and since there are so many potential duplicates, I'd like to focus on only the contacts where we have a property called Sync to Sales = YES.  Once the huge mess of data is cleaned up, I would rather marketing and sales be able to filter by the salesperson id and clean up.



I totally agree. We have different countries / teams in one HubSpot account. Due to the user rights (they can only edit their own records) they are not even able to see the duplicate feature. The duplicate feature shows ALL duplicates of the entire account and that's not useful - we need to be able to filter by teams/countries/contact owner.

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We see it the same way as HubSpotUser123. It is not acceptable to restrict the view of the contact data records via roles and rights and then have full access or no access at all when viewing the duplicates. The role and rights restrictions must be applied throughout the entire portal!



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This is much needed. In bigger companies, being able to filter for properties (set custom columns) is crucial. Duplicates can easily be in the hundreds and it's impossible to tell which team's responsibility this should be without additional filter options.

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Hey! I'd like to link another feature request in this regard so that we could consolidate all the upvotes and comments!