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filter contacts by sequence enrollment

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Would love to be able to set a workflow for contacts in a BDR sequence, w/o a demo set, after x amount of days for escalations and tracking! 


As a complement, it would be useful to have a property to identify the contacts that not responded to any email in a sequence and have therefore reach the end. To achieve this goal, a task can be created for the contact at the end of the sequence. So this works but I am looking for a more efficient way of finding these contacts without having to assign a task to them as the last step of the sequence. Perhaps a query that will leverage a property like Now in sequence.


Thanks again!




Would love to be able to filter my contacts if they were enrolled on a sequence and open one of the emails but didn't reply or combinations like that. Being able to see if they are currently in a sequence is helpful, but not as much as being able to use different filters to have more pure data. 


A native ability to filter contacts based on what sequences they've received is definitely needed. We're currently creating a unique field that correlates to every sequence that documents the date the sequence was sent. This is very cumbersome to say the least! 


This is absolutely a much needed feature / improvement.  Without it, it significantly limits the ability to follow-up appropriately with contacts or eliminate them from duplicate emails!


i want to create a list of everyone who has been enrolled in a sequence.  


For Sequence A = List A.  This would allow me to build a call list that would extend beyond the duration of the sequence and either manually remove people from the list if I reach them, or programatically remove people through a workflow (ie: if Contact = no longer w/co --> remove from list // if Contact Lifecycle stage = Opportunity, --> remove from list)



Agreed - I'd also like to be able to set up workflow based on the contact being enrolled a specific sequence (not just any sequence as is the case now).


It would be great to have this feature!


Yes please! This would be a great feature.


I need this desperatly for my sales team - its impossible for me to realistically measure how much work they are doing when they have 100's of emails sending out through automation.


I have a hack solution for this:


  1. Set up a workflow that triggers on: "currently in sequence".
  2. Give your workflow the same name as you sequence (Optional)
  3. Now you can set a filter "Contact has been enrolled" on that workflow
  4. Yay



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Hi Community, 


We are now planning work to allow contacts to be filtered based on sequence enrollment. More details on the related work and progress can be found in the update for the Idea: Drill-downs for Sequences Open/Click Reporting





It's an addition to the above ideas, but when a contact completed a sequence, it would be great if we could automate the lifecycle stage or lead status. For example, once a contact completes a sequence with no response, their status i moved from "In Sequence" back to "Marketing Qualified Lead"

HubSpot Product Team

Hi Community! 


With the most recent update in Drill-downs for Sequences Open/Click Reporting it is now possible to filter contacts by sequence enrollment on the 'Overview' page. 

Based on some of the comments in this thread, I believe folks are also awaiting functionality that will allow for lists to be created with such filters as well. This is also an active priority, and I will provide updates on the ability to use sequence data more broadly when creating lists and workflows on this Idea post: Create a contact list from a sequence or sequences