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filter contacts by sequence enrollment

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I would like to be able to create a list based on people that finished a sequence with no reply


I'm in marketing operations and I would love to be able to filter out contacts from some automated marketing communication based on which sequence a contact is currently enrolled in—to avoid over-emailing.


We want to update our sequences (the templates), but many have a lot of actively enrolled contacts.
1) IIt's hard to believe there isn't a way to export a list of all who were/are in a particular sequence, including if they went through it all, if they manually unenrolled, or if they're still active in it. We have that information in HubSpot and it has nothing to do with GDPR regulations, so why can't we export it to leverage it in different ways for our sales team? This idea has been out here since 2017 with no updates?
2) Also why isn't there the ability to pause a sequence?


I would consider this table stakes - given the value of using sequences, being able to easily manage them and the customers that are enrolled is a must.


Why isn't this a thing yet? We need a contact property or some sort of sequence association (like how you have it with workflows) so that we can see which sequence a contact is enrolled in. Right now, it's like finding a needle in a haystack having to open each sequence and scroll through and hope my eyes don't miss the name I'm looking for in the list.

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Hi Community! 


We have been reviewing this request, and soon hope to have plans in place. I will leave another update here once we have plans in place to filter contacts by current or historical enrollment.




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Yes, yes, amen.


Agreed with all of the above, but I'd also like to be able to create a new deal associated with a contact based on their sequence enrollment. At the very least, if I can create a list based on sequence enrollment, then I can create deals based on that list, however it'd be great not to have to go through the list step and, instead, create a deal automatically when someone is enrolled in a specific sequence.


It would be very helpful for analysis of the funnel and all touchpoints of a contact user journey to be able to filter if they were ever part of a specific sequence. 


Yes completely agree that increased filtering functionality of squences would be majorly beneficial. Hubspot when do expect this update to be deployed.

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I'm looking for a way to create a Workflow based on Sequence Status. E.g. when a contact has status "Sequence ended, no response" I'd like to create a Task for the company/contact owner 4 months later.


The reason for this would be to check in again with the company/contact. Perhaps timing is better now? Perhaps a new Manager has started working etc..





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I've just hit this same problem and didn't realize there were so many others with the same issues! I was trying to enroll contacts into a workflow based on their enrollment in a sequence, but there are no filters for sequences or much sales information in general. Very frustrating.

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@bkeller  Any progress on this? The thread has been here for 3 years with the same request. We're a Platinum Solutions Partner that specializes in Sales Enterprise implementations, specifically Salesforce conquesting. This is a huge issue. I have found workarounds by generating lists by filters including the titles of the emails in the sequence but this doesn't hold up when your clients not very creative when it comes to their email outreach. I have seen 2 major clients leave the HubSpot platform in the past year because of HubSpot's slow response to developing stronger tools for the Sales Hub. What say ye, HubSpot? Are we ready to deploy this solution in the near future?


It would be really nice to be able to easily track who is/has been enrolled in which sequences and when they were enrolled. It is really hard to keep track of currently and seems that there could be a better experience here. 


It would be great to have the ability to filter/create workflows based on sequence name, template, email # etc. 


@HarvestROI 100% agreed.


The lack of any detail in Sequence filtering makes it very challenging to setup and makes life a lot more complex than it needs to be, for Reps & Admins.


A simple 'Replied to X in Sequence Y' would be so helpful. Or even just displaying as a field 'Current Sequence'Sequences feel so isolated from everything else in automation.


Something that feels like a massive hole in HubSpot is the ability to task reps with triggering a specific Sequence. Yes, it's possible to workaround this by creating a task called 'Add (Contact Name) to XYZ Sequence', but that's 3 extra clicks and feels clunky. These are the little things on platforms like that just make sense and save a lot of time. 


Could use a lot of work around tracking sequences


yes please! +1