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I also agree. Just finished the call with support and there is no way you can create a list for contacts that have been enrolled in a sequence. HubSpot needs to create this feature in the back. HubSpot when should we expect this?

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Dear nice people at Hubspot - please add this to the list for development  it would be amazing to at the very least track who has been enrolled in sequences, but better still to track them as part of the buyer journey, maybe in something like the campaigns tool.


I work with implementation and use of sequences with a whole range of clients and this is something I am asked about regularly. 




I would love to do that. And also to exclude sequenced contacts in active lists

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We also are looking for the ability to pull al ist of everyone currently (or previously, or by date range) enrolled in a specific sequence. Would also be great to be able to break it down and be able to get a list of everyone who is on a specific step in a specific sequence.

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The inability to filter contacts by whether they've been in a specific sequence, or even to exclude them from being enrolled in a sequence they were previously enrolled in, is causing all kinds of headaches for my sales team. 

It will be one of the reasons I cite when I leave Hubspot altogether for a different provider later this year.

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Agreed. Need an active list that filters by particular sequence. Best I can come up with so far is "has ever been in sequence" is True. Not acceptable if you want to put them into another sequence in a few months time.

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I need to export the people who are in a sequence into a list so that I can track the success (i.e. if they have converted into a deal). OR I need to be able to create a list with the filter of people who are/have been in a sequence. 


I'd also like to be able to include/exclude contacts from workflow enrollment based on if they are/have been in a sequence. 

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It would be efficient and benefical to be able to filter contacts that are enrolled in a specific sequence based on whether or not they have responded to the email.  This would allow you to see which contacts did not repsond and do some sort of re-engagement campaign with those individuals.

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please, we need this.

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I am having the exact same problem. I want to automatically add people who have been through a sequence and not engaged to a list of 'un-qualified' leads.


Very frustrating to not be able to have any other enrollment triggers in a workflow than 'currently in sequence'. 


The lack of branching logic in sequences is also annoying. 


Any previous contributors found any good workarounds?