enable to use same email address for multiple users when send from contact timeline

Currently, same email address can't be shared to use for multiple users. 

It would be great if we can share same email address across multiple users. 


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Hi there!


This is definitely a great to be added to HubSpot, as it would allow our customers to add 'general' business email inboxes, such as info@domain.com, support@domain.com etc. to each user. At times customers want to send emails from the CRM using these general email addresses, but at the moment our tool doesn't allow more than user to do this. Would be a great addition to HubSpot Smiley Happy

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Great suggestion,

We desperately need this to replace Outlook entirely for our support and consultancy team.
Currently, we have 6 support users that are responding to customer questions. We normally do this via outlook as our main support address, so in absence of one of the employees, we won't have the issues that replies are being missed.