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embed form in email

Allow us to embed a HubSpot form in an email

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Re: embed form in email - changed to: Not Currently Planned
November 01, 2018 06:19 AM

@khughes HubSpot forms load using javascript on the page to load the latest version of every form. Javascript is not allowed in any emails, thus in the current state of forms it's technologically impossible for us to add a form to emails.


Forms in email in general is technologically quite difficult and currently has very low support and functions very inconsistently. There's further information on this along with a breakdown of what is compatible here:


For the moment the compatibility and realiability of this is too low to justify the work required to rebuild forms to be compatible with email. However this is something we may consider in the future if the compatibility of forms in emails improves. 

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Please! we need this


Crazy that so many other companies already do this, and have done for several years now, but HubSpot won't move on it. It should be added.  


We need this. It has been an area customers continue to request as the funtionality is there in other offerings. 


@khughes - Why is this still not being explored?


Tom's response in 2018 had a viable arguement. Four years later that is relatively moot and would catch Hubspot up on ALL of its email centric competition like Klaviyo, MailChimp, etc. 


Surely Hubspot cares about the voice of its customer, right?!?


Agreed, I wonder if it is on a product development list somewhere?

It has been my experience with Hubspot that community requests are simply a way for us to voice concerns.... 

This type of need and many others posted here never seem to get developments attention.  

If the rumors are true and there is a sale pending - this could be the reason things are idle....  But, there are many features of HS that are outdated and not up to par with the industry.  But as we all know moving to a different platform is timely and expensive initially.


definitely need this feature!


Hey Guys, are you aware of any improvement/movement on this? It would be really needed to be able to embed a form in emails. Thanks!


I'd like to here any news on this topic as well. We'd like to do a mini survey: which type of projects are you working on: 

* schools

* restaurants
* offices
* sports 


Would look really weird with CTA buttons. Any ideas within this group meanwhile? 


Our company requires our customers to complete an access information form. It would be great when sending the confirmation of order email to be able to attached the access form for them to complete.


This would be very useful.