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embed form in email

Allow us to embed a HubSpot form in an email

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It would be great to use a form like a mini-inquiry

to get helpfull, fast info

for example, to ask about the customers expience at the call centre

without having to go to a landing page


Totally agree.    I want to send out a GDPR email asking those on my database to simply tick count me in or count me out.


 I agree - we would use this to collect customer data and product/business reviews, if we could.


emmawatson - I dont know if I can direct message you so I figured I'd post it here. You can get around not having forms in your circumstance if you use two CTAs in your email. One that says "Count me in" and one that says "Count me out". You can set it up so that everyone who clicks a CTA gets put into a list. So from there, you can use that how you like. Hope that helps.

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totally agree 

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@khughes HubSpot forms load using javascript on the page to load the latest version of every form. Javascript is not allowed in any emails, thus in the current state of forms it's technologically impossible for us to add a form to emails.


Forms in email in general is technologically quite difficult and currently has very low support and functions very inconsistently. There's further information on this along with a breakdown of what is compatible here:


For the moment the compatibility and realiability of this is too low to justify the work required to rebuild forms to be compatible with email. However this is something we may consider in the future if the compatibility of forms in emails improves. 


Interactive email is the future!

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I understand that forms require javascript - but why not allow a single question to be embedded in an email (think survey monkey) - that let's the recipient answer the first question that goes to the form.


Or give the email designer the option to only ask one question, and clicks for answers are automatically logged to properties.


It would be SOO nice to get more feedback from buyers as we nurture them.


Use Case:


We use VIP lists for new communities - when you sign up, you get regular updates. Based on your activity levels with those email, we pass leads to sales agents. Instead of having a marketing email with a question at the end that causes someone to have to reply, a question could be embedded that would help gather more information like: what is your timeframe to move-in to your new home? are you thinking about building or would you prefer to buy? etc. 


There are so many awesome opportunities if questions could be embedded in emails - it doesn't have to be a form - think outside the box! 🙂


@Anonymous  We use CTAs for the use cases you provided. It's not the same as forms because you have to provide structured answers for the subscriber to select, but clicking the CTA puts the subscriber in a list, triggers a workflow, etc. Hope that helps a little!




any update on this?

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Great idea +1 for me


Just came across this with the need to create a simple NPS email. Click a button 0-10.

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@Hawk-Steve This can be done pretty easily without embedded forms, give me a shout if you need a hand. With a little bit of tinkering also you can create a workflow to notify and assist you to get Google reviews and Facebook reviews. See workflows and emails below... pretty cool way of getting your reviews up on FB and Google....


We use Ask Nicley, but you will need to just create custom properties NPS1 ---> NPS10


Screen Shot 2019-04-11 at 9.02.29 am.pngScreen Shot 2019-04-11 at 9.01.58 am.pngScreen Shot 2019-04-11 at 9.02.12 am.pngScreen Shot 2019-04-11 at 9.02.21 am.png

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Hey Trav


Some great ideas there! Thanks for sending these over.


Right after posting I ended up taking a little bit of a different route for my own workaround. Creating 11 different CTAs and using a workflow to set the NPS field property, depending on the CTA clicked.




I wonder about its effectiveness on certain email readers, such as earlier outlook editions where CTAs don't always load well. Although that's all part of the fun in optimising! Piscadela do Smiley


After this, I will be automating the follow up as scored.


Kind Regards





Yes please!! This would be essential for so many of our client follow-up emails. Are there any plans to work on this in the future?


This would be a very valuable feature, please continue looking for a way to make it possible.


in a competing product - you could so easily send a client list/ prospect list an email asking them to answer two or three questions that prefilled those answers you knew about that customer.... asking them to correct or update any information that was not correct.


I was just told by support to use a form for this and then send out via a list to those clients - but now it looks like i have to embed this form into our website and then link the email to the website url .... wow that is a very long way around something that could be very easy!  What am i missing???


Please allow embedded forms, BombBomb does this masterfully and it would be nice to allow a user to enter information without having to direct them to a form or landing page.

Thank you 


Yes please, it's essential to get information from customers without having them to click on a link