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Currently eMail thread with sequence is only for gmail users. However we use outlook and hence each email is being sent separately without a thread of the past emails.


For eg. I have a sequence of 4 emails sent over the period of 1 week ( sent every alternate day if I don't receive any resposne back from the prospect ). When the prospect looks at the 4th eMail, somtime the prospect thinks that we are reaching out to them for the very first time. But that's not the case.


If we have the email thread ( of the past 3 emails sent ) then this would help us as well as the prospect.


Looking forward to hear from you.




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Also keen to see this.  At this stage we're thinking we might have to go to another sequence solution if threading isn't possible

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This would be very helpful. Zen Prospect and other companies offer this. I wish Hubspot would as well.

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This is the feature that above all others, would be extremely helpful!  Without this it makes it very diffcult for my prospects to stay in sync with the sales message I am trying to convey.  Please fix this problem ASAP; it makes moving to one of your competitors very attractive.

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This is a game changer.  Can it get on the list of things to improve?

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This idea would help us in a huge way. We get a considerable amount of response when we send a second email on a thread.

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Let us know what other information you want from our to contribute to getting this done!

Status updated to: In Planning
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Any development on this feature for outlook? This is very crucial for us! 

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This would be so helpful.

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Would be extremely helpful in targetted prospecting. Any timeline for when this might launch???

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Any update on where this is in the process. This is a very feature for the team here.

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It's great to hear email threading for Outlook is in planning. We are getting our sales team on board with email sequences but they were disappointed that email threading was not a capability with Outlook. Our company uses Outlook so gmail is not an option for us. How can we find out about any updates or plans on this request? Thanks!

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Threading in Outlook (or any email client) is now available.


When building a sequence, select the "Enable threading" option at the top of the builder:


This will thread email bodies as replies to the previous email and below is how it will appear to your contacts on the receiving end:


 Threaded emailsThreaded emails

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@sjudson Is this available on Hubspot starter/all instances of Hubspot? I just tried this and it's not threading. We use office 365.

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I tried the email threading as well and it did not work as illustrated above...

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Also the same here. We have tried with Outlook and does not reply on the previous sent email! 

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I was struggling with the same issue while using Outlook.


I seriously don't understand a platform such as Hubspot and the pricing what comes with it has limitations like that today. We as a company are not going to use gmail. I would presume the whole email message is automatically assembled on a hubspot server and sent out as a whole, so the choice of client that recieves this message should not matter at all.


So indeed looking forward to this very much.

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not sure why Hubspot did not update their mistake for so long after @sjudson HubSpot Product Team message.  

Anyways as for now, the thread is not possible with Outlook.



This from Hubspot support team:

I have further enquired with the team and I can confirm that currently for Outlook, sequence threading is currently not supported. That said, we do acknowledge that it is confusing that the Threading toggle is still visible for Outlook users when they're building a Sequence. Therefore, the team will be looking into further revising the tool to make the tool more intuitive.

Pertaining to the happening where subsequent emails do have no subject title, this would be also due to the Sequence threading not available in Outlook. If you click into the other templates in the Sequence, all of them do not have subject line. Since the Sequence didn't thread, the other emails in the Sequence will not take the first email's subject and should be using their own subject title, which in this case would be blank.

With this, I hope things are better clarified about Outlook sequence threading!

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We need this feature, this is the only fature that is stopping us to move from Dynamics CRM.