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email preference page in multiple languages

It would be great if we can create multi language versions of the email preference page. In the email templates we change the language, but the landing page where users manage their email preferences is in a single language. 

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For all companies in the DACH region, an especially for our clients in Switzerland the current email preference pages is a big issue. In Switzerland it is essential for most companies to cover the national languages german, french and italian are also covered on their website and blog, as well as an english version. 

Therefore we now have to work with a very overstuffed with selection options and not user friendly at all.
We wish us the opportunity to use a multi-language preference page, where the language is already set due to previous behaviour and language property or have the possibility to enter a dropdown menu for selecting the language.



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We have the same issue with Finnish and Swedish email. And because of the GDPR, it's more cruicial for people to fully aware of the email subscription options so the message would be more accurate in local language.

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We also need the email preference landing page in multiple languages! I think this is a very general requirement that most of HubSpot's international customers affects...

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
updated to: In Planning

Providing an update as this feature is currently being investigated and soon worked on, stay tuned for updates on a beta and rollout!

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Thanks for the update. Looking forward to the new functionality and would appreciate it, if I could be part of beta version. 

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Good news, it would help if this can be rolled out in the next month or so. I am getting pressure from a number of clients.


We have offices in both Germany and the US, with separate user bases.  Its very important to us to be able to communicate with people in their respective languages, especially around their account preferences.  This would be a VERY helpful feature, thanks for getting it started!  I look forward to hearing more.

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Dear Hubspot support team,

It's now almost 18 months since this enhancement has been requested and it seems its resolution status is still "in planning"??!!??

This true multilingual support for the email preference page is absolutely a MUST have feature! It's a non-sense to redirect our French, German, Italian, Spanish or Brazilian prospects and customers to such an English-only page. It's just non professional and non consistent with the fact we're communicating to them in their mother language!

Please give us a clear release date for this feature!


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i'm not sure if this covers you need completely but did you check the "Multi-Language Subscription Preferences" module in the marketplace?

We had the same issue with several languages and now at least everyone can understand what the system texts are about. Its using the bowserlanguage and supports 18 languages so far.


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Thanks for this.  This "Multi-Language Subscription Preferences" module works well and as you say uses the browserlanguage setting of the user.


There are system pages which are not yet multiplanguage.

- Unsubscribe backup page (enables users to unsubscribe to all subscriptions)

- Subscription update confirmation page (confirming the changes made in unsubscribes and email preferences)


We have used custom Java script (using browserlanguage setting) to render text in different languages in these pages hopefully they are on Hubspot's  product map to become multi language as well.