deal amount calculation based on pricing in product library of a deal



the deal amount can automatically be based on the (recurring) pricing of products in the product library as they are added to a deal.



- you can't select the amount to be calculated for the entire deal or for more than 3 years. this becomes a problem when you a) want to add products to a deal with a term length longer than 3 years (yes that happens!) and b) want the amount for entire deal to be calculated including the entire sum of all products times their entire term lenth.


is it possible to make two changes here?

- one: created an edit to the drop down in the summery of the Deal Line Item editor so we can select multiple years (1,2,3,5,10,etc) in addition to the default variabels such as monthly, quarterly, annually? it would allow us to calculate deal amounts for deals with products with longer term lenghts


- and second: could you add a selecter which allows to not only update the deal amount automatically but also allows to specify what you want to be calculated? for instance;

      - select the revenue or margin for the deal amount  (sales perforamnce is often looked at from a margin perspective

      - select if it includes one-off products without recurring pricing (which are often onboarding packages, etc.)

     - select if it the amount should be calculated, based on the monthly, quarterly or annually amounts?

    - or most importantly, being able to calculate the deal amount, (revenue or margin) based on the entire deal. all products and services for their entire term length!


that would be great!


HubSpot updates

Definitely more flexibility needed as to what is the deal "amount". Not sure why at the product level you can include a cost, and thereby have a "margin", but that this margin figure is then not available anywhere for reporting purposes.


Being able to include the "term" as a multiplier is also a good call.