customize displayed properties on deal cards in board view of pipeline

We have multiple pipelines as a customer works through our sales cycle.  each pipeline has its own stages different data is relevant for the deals in each pipeline.  The deal cards displayed in the board view defaults to displaying the deal name, the close date, and icons indicating the number of associated contacts.  this information is not always relevant information to the status of deal in all of our pipelines.  I would like to be able to customize which deal properpties display on the deal cards by pipeline in order present the most valuable data the teams working each Pipe line.  This thread is a bit old, and does not seem that there is a resolution or a work arround.  Being able customize the displayed properties would be valuable to us. 


Thank you 

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When you have clients with monthly payment plans and annual payments it would be nice to be able to customize the board card to show which value the figure represents.